Saturday, January 29, 2011


Savana got Monsters Inc. for Christmas and loooooves it. She is talking so much now and she now repeats almost everything she hears. She loves to watch Monsters before bed at night and I sometimes give in just so I can snuggle her :) AND because she sings me a sweet song every time. Here is the link to the song I love to hear her sing to me.
She says "You and me, me and you" and I say "Both of us together!" And she smiles and laughs and wants smooches!
She sings it all evening after she hears it and always before bed at night whether she watches the movie or not.
And of course she says "Mike Wasowski" over and over again just like Boo and I love it.
Normally I like doing an activity or reading with her as opposed to watching movies but its hard to pass up her little song... I give in :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are you a Latter-day Saint Mommy Blogger??

I was at work yesterday and had a woman call and ask me where our company was located. I responded, Utah. Then she asked a question..."Are you a Latter-day Saint woman?" I said "Yep I am..." "Do you blog?" she asked. In my head I was thinking how guilty I felt because it has been over a month since my last post but still said "Yes I have a blog, its fun." "Are you a mom?" "Yes, I have a little girl and yes I blog about her" She went off on a funny and entertaining little rant about how she has all these friends that have told her to read Latter Day Saint women's blogs because they are so wonderful and uplifting and she did and then she saw on TV how popular these blogs are getting and people read them and are uplifted and amazed by how fun it is to be a mom and so on..and on and on. I had to laugh. Then I saw this article today on ksl and just find it all so amusing.

Here is the link to the KSL article