Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lately in the Loomis home...

 Geoff and Savana went to the last BYU home football game on Saturday. They had a blast out in the rain and snow while Annie and I stayed home warm and cozy and napped :) She decided to wear her swim suit and sunglasses all day Saturday to welcome the first snow storm in style I guess :)  (Today is Tuesday and she is still insisting upon wearing it...she is a winter rebel like her mommy. I'd much rather go to the water park every day than be cooped up inside all winter freezing...)
 After the girls went to the dentist on Wednesday, their prize for no tears was a trip to Krispy Kreme!
 I have had the pleasure of potty training this little rock star! She is a champ for sure! She gets ice cream for poopoo in the potty! She goes every time!

And my favorite part of the day is getting to play with and do this pretty girl's pretty long blonde hair! I'm in love and honestly a little jealous ;) Another favorite is when she falls asleep on my arm at nap-time... everyday! I'm the luckiest mom ever! And everyday I think how she has grown up overnight and she won't nap forever even if I want her to ;) But for now I love every minute. OK every part of every day is my favorite (minus the 2yr old tantrums, we can gladly skip those doozies!) But how could every minute not  be my favorite? I am surrounded by princesses, literally dressed up as princesses, singing princess songs, watching princess movies or reading princess stories. Nothing in the world makes me happier than my sweet little family! I'm so glad we get to be together forever!
While I really miss warm summer weather already and think winter has lasted too long, I'm glad I get to look at these gorgeous faces and play with these girls all day. Doing crafts and play-dough and coloring is great. And I'm a bit of a control freak so I like the consistent schedule (minus the dumb time change that Annie has still not adjusted to, lame. I'm not a morning person and 6am is too early to parent... potty training is my motivation to get up with her because she always goes and that makes getting out of my warm bed a little bit better!)  Life is great in the Loomis home :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Amazing experience! And my new interest!


Geoff's little sister Jenny is preparing to go through the temple and it is very exciting! Her bishop recommended that she go do baptisms each week to help prepare. I am so honored that she asked me to go with her! Going to the temple every week has been an amazing experience! Being endowed myself, they prefer you to do as they call it "the work upstairs" BUT they gladly let you in if you have family names :) So my new-found love is family history! And I have made a goal to take at least one name a week and as of now I have exceeded my goal!
  As you may recall, last year we had about 6 visiting teaching lessons in a row on doing your family history. Well on the last lesson I finally took the hint. I got on familysearch to see what it was all about. And, with both parents as converts to the church, I had a little bit of a family tree but not much. I really don't know anything. I am the farthest thing from the little old lady in the family history center but it is exciting and I love doing work in this life that will have a wonderful effect in the next.
  It has also been so many years since I did baptisms! I love the renewed feeling I get each time. It really makes me think about and prepare for the sacrament each week. I hope we keep the tradition up after Jenny goes through so I can enjoy the other temple blessings each week as well. I love it! Nothing feels better than leaving the world outside and stepping through the quite peaceful doors of the temple.
If you have not been to the temple in a while I encourage you to do so soon! And if you have never taken a family name get on familysearch and say a prayer! It is amazing! I promise!

Treasures in Heaven

President Boyd K. Packer
“When we research our own lines we become interested in more than just names or the number of names going through the temple. Our interest turns our hearts to our fathers—we seek to find them and to know them and to serve them.
“In doing so we store up treasures in heaven.”
President Boyd K. Packer, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, “Your Family History: Getting Started,” Liahona and Ensign, Aug. 2003, 17.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The sight of the night

Probably my least favorite wake up call:
1:30am "MMMMOOOOOMMMM!!!!! I'm barfing!"
I'm a little bit frustrated that my kids ONLY throw up at night... never to they get sick during the day. It's ALWAYS a middle of the night alarm. Not fair. 
I'm a really light sleeper. I always hear my kids. Always. Its programmed in like a baby monitor in my brain. I know which kid it is and exactly the sound they are making every second of the night. Cough, sneeze, light snore, leg hitting the wall while rolling over. I hear it all. And Geoff is totally oblivious deep in sleep.
Last night rolls were switched. The middle of the night siren "MMMMOOOOOMMMM!!!!! I'm barfing!" I completely slept through. And didn't wake up until my amazing husband was stumbling around the house turning on the lights. I never wake up to that. I was shocked and confused that I slept through the barf alarm. I never have before.
I got up to help with the clean up and check on my sweet Savana bear. And Geoff was so sweetly holding her hair back as my little princess, in the princess nightgown, threw up. It was the sweetest thing ever.
And the "alarm" continued almost every half hour of the night. I got up a few times and my husband willingly and without any complaint took his turn. He comforted my little barf machine and cleaned up after her. At one point around 5am I found him scrubbing the tub out, tub cleaner and all. (I am pretty OCD and can't stand leaving messes but when it comes to cleaning in the middle of the night, I do what needs to be done and save the deep cleaning when my brain actually functions) but there was my husband scrubbing the tub in the middle of the night.
As I wake up a little bit more, still quite in zombie mode, I'm a little disappointed in my inability to wake up and so thankful my husband is so amazing. No complaining and chipper and nice this morning before he left for work. (He is so much better than me its not funny).
Today is officially declared a pj day watching princess movies. Tired, but life is perfect. If I have to clean up throw up I'd rather do it for my sweet little kiddos than anyone else. And if I can't wake up I can't think of anyone else I would want picking up my lazy slack than my husband. And did I mention he never complained?... yeah. He is the BEST! I'm so lucky.
Maybe Heavenly Father just made me extra tired last night just so I could witness the kindness and awesomeness of my husband. He melts my heart. And today I'm even more grateful that our family is eternal!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Currently in the Loomis house...

I have had enough requests to get back to blogging. I finally gave in :)

We have been in the same place the last 4 years. We love our little home here in Provo. It has been perfect for us. Fun neighbors and a great ward. But we are anxiously waiting for the next phase of life. Ya know... the one after student life.  A real job and a final home :)

Geoff: Just needs to defend his thesis and he is done with his maters degree in Exercise Physiology at BYU. Currently filling out job applications. As of this minute we have no applications in UT, so unless something comes up here we will be moving as soon as we get a job :) He is still working at the Drs office as an exercise physiologist until we get our "upgrade" as I like to call it. I love UT and hope to stay but we will go where ever we need to. The waiting game is KILLER but we have faith in the Lord's plan for our family.
Holly: Loving every minute with my girls! Being a wife and mommy is wonderful. Between snuggling at night because of bad dreams and naps and baths, snacks, trips to the park, playing princess, reading stories and all the other amazing & fun mommy stuff, my life is perfect!
Savana: ..now 4 and a half! The most adorable preschooler ever! She loves to do crafts and work on her letters and #s. Dress up, dolls, Biggest princess fan! Loves all things princessy and pink....Full of energy and and fun and giggles! I can't leave out that she says the sweetest most sincere prayers I have ever heard and her little spirit is such a blessing in our home. She is a great helper and big sister!
Annie: Almost 2 :) Beautiful. Just kicked that binkie for good! YAHOO! And the next step is potty training and then the big move to a big girl bed (as soon as we buy one). She keeps me on my toes! Always climbing and getting into things she knows are off limits! She is very determined and gives amazing cuddles! The Drs have been concerned because she is so small her growth chart flattened out but I'm not worried. She woke up several nights this week with sore legs... Growing pains?? :) I love her energy and sweet curly hair! She also has learned to "sing" lately. It sounds kind of like princess Ariel's Ah ahhhh ahh. She sings it when she puts on a princess outfit or sings a primary song.... and ever time we drive by the Provo City Center Temple being build because she thinks we need to sing I Love to see the Temple. It kills me and has to be my current favorite sound. Maybe my favorite sound ever.

So here is a little summary on us lately. I will try to post more. Just know if I don't I'm too busy wearing princess stickers in my hair having tea parties...Or too exhausted from cooking, cleaning, playing, bathing and the usual daily grind to get on the computer. I would rather snuggle up on the couch with Geoff, some ice cream and a good episode of The Office :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Real joy and satisfaction...

In being who and what I am. A mom. I'm completely engulfed in everything "mom" right now. Four years ago this week I remember what it felt like to cry my eyes out wanting so badly to be a mommy. Some days I felt like maybe it wasn't really meant for me... I wasn't meant to be a mom and it was really hard on me. Everyday I have two sweet angels fall asleep on my right arm as I read them nap-time stories and my heart feels like it might burst out of my chest I'm so happy and in love and blessed. Some experiences in life really don't seem fair at the time but because of them, later you appreciate things more.
  Last year right now I was working full time and commuting to Salt Lake. Again wondering and worrying if actually getting to be a mom was in my cards. Today I have 2 clean, fed, napping girls, a clean house, and a heart so full of joy I'm almost in tears. Savana recited the whole first article of faith to me. Ate all of her lunch like a champ and went down for a nap like an angel. Annie slept all night. Has smiled at me at least 100 times flashing her beautiful little dimple and has not fussed, whined or cried all day and she is snoring a little bit in her sleep at this moment and I can't help but smile.
  Savana is such a little smarty pants. I used to question if she really listened to me, ever! But she shows me in so many ways that she understands, knows and remembers the things I teach her. One big help is the spirit in our house every day. I'm just so proud of my little 2 year old for knowing so much! She knows all the First Presidency, all the quorum of the 12 by face and name, along with the Book of Mormon prophets, most Bible prophets, her numbers, alphabet, LOTS of songs - she sings all day sometimes. She loves learning new songs. She got a microphone for Christmas and has been such the little Taylor Swift - singing songs, making up songs, talking to me in song. She is great. She has such a sweet voice and sounds just like an angel.
 Savana baking a pie with her grandma :)
 Annie was orange at first so we put her in the sunshine :)
 Christmas Eve jammies!
 Oh Santa got Savana the Rapunzel doll she wanted so badly.
 Geoff and Annie opening Christmas presents.
 Savana and her doll, and other presents from Santa. Clearly Rapunzel was very appreciated! Although for those of you know about Savana and Flynn Rider....A few minutes after she opened Rapunzel she looked at us and asked where Flynn was. Haha! Love her!
 My new picture
 1st time fishing with dad! (over the couch for Swedish fish)
 Her tent. We had a family camping night. Hotdogs and smores, fishing and tent making! SO FUN!
 Sweet cousins! Abby and Tessa! LOVE THEM!
 Annie's blessing day. January 8th. It was perfect.

 We were so glad Grandma and Jerry could come!
 Wonderful priesthood holders!
 Daddy Kiss!

 Best sister friends!
 My precious girls melt my heart!
 Annie will be 3 month old day after tomorrow. WOW how time flies! I can't even believe it. She is a great little eater and sleeper. She is quite the mommy's girl. I can't leave much, its too hard on her, she misses me. Some days I feel a little cooped up but I honestly don't mind it - I like it. I get to snuggle my girls all day! I do have some spring fever in that I really dislike cold weather. I love having my windows open for fresh air. I'm still crossing my fingers an amazing job opens up in St. George for Geoff and we can live in the sunshine :) I told Savana I had spring fever today and she said "I'm sorry you are sick mama!" (felt my forehead) and told me to drink plenty of fluids. Geoff and I both had a pretty good laugh. But spring will come and once again I will go on 3-4 walks a day to enjoy sunshine and fresh air. Savana loves going on walks. She tells me all sorts of things while we are out and about. I'm sure Annie will love it too :) For now we are snuggled under several blankets with warm clothes on and enjoying time together in our little home. Life is wonderful. Every minute!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My ooober cute baby girl!!

 I really want to show off my adorable Annie since not very many people have seen her because of this time of year she was born ( RSV season...). She just stays home. And I can't wait until March when I can take her out and show her off to people! But for now I am enjoying her all to myself at home. She has already grown so much. Time sure flies. She is almost 10 weeks now. She has had one night that she slept all night, the night before her blessing :) She is so sweet and perfect and I'm totally in love!! 

I sure love all the pictures my sweet sister-in-law Jenny took. Love her :)

 Annie has her daddy's crooked toe and I am obsessed with kissing it! SO cute!

 Pretty blue eyes!!
 I'm one happy mommy!

 Love her expressions!

 Soft baby skin...kissable!