Monday, April 26, 2010

Go Dazzzz!

So I think I'm going to claim this as Savana's first word! (besides mama, dada and nana.) We were all snuggled up on the couch last night as we watched the Jazz beat the Nuggets~ Yahoo! I was trying to get Savana to say "Go Jazz" and it was so cute~ she was watching the tv so intently and had her hands in the air in little tight fists and she kept sqealing "DDDDAAAAAAASSSSSSSSssssss" I'm pretty sure she was saying Jazz! I think I have the cutest little Jazz fan in the world!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

One, Easter and Fun!!!

One year ago, our little sunshine Savana joined our little family! I can not believe how fast time has flown by! It seems like she was just my tiny new baby.

Easter at grandmas house!!!

Savana has her 2nd Easter egg hunt! Last year she slept through the whole thing, well she was only 2 weeks old :)

This year she did not quite understand but had some fun despite the fact that she was really sick since she just had all her one year shots :( These are not fun for any one!! Geoff had the flu + Savana was sick from shots=one tired mommy! She had a cute shirt on under her dress with white tights and white shoes but a major poop explosion put an end to the under clothes! Good thing it did not get on her dress or she would have only been in a diaper for Easter pics!

She was not sure what to think of the grass. She just wanted to be held... I really hate the feeling of grass on bare feet and Geoff really loves it. It is just itchy and I can never tell if I'm stepping on a bug or something. I think Savana is on my side :)

I'm still pretty excited about pigtails!


One day we had just gotten home from the store and I found Savana had spilled the entire bottle of puffs all over herself as I carried in groceries. That was fun to clean up!! I had to take a picture and giggle a little bit. She is so cute!

Aunt Heidi helped Savana dye her first Easter egg!

Auntie Amy got Savana this great liitle chair for her birthday! As you can tell Savana is pretty in love with it! She is laughing really hard in this picture. She has a really "silly" laugh where she makes this face and says "Hu Hu Hu!" It's really adorable and I hope you all get a chance to hear her do it.

The easter bunny brought Savana an Elmo cell phone! Yay, now she can call Mommy!

Well life is pretty chill at the Loomis home now that we are feeling better and back to everyday life!