Monday, November 14, 2011

Annie Kendall Loomis

Annie Kendall Loomis!
Born 11-3-11
6 lb 11 oz
Birth story:
Dinner: a few bites of a sandwich. I was starving but nothing would fit in my stomach...
Played with Savana instead of cleaning up dinner.  We played dolls for several hours. Thought how I really needed to clean my kitchen but thought it was better to enjoy playing with Savana before I got "busy with a baby." Glad I did.
Workout: My best friend, the treadmill, listening to Christmas music :) 
10:30ish: Put my head on my pillow and actually thought "Enjoy falling to sleep now when you will not have to get up a bunch to feed a baby..."
Maybe fell asleep....
11:30- A contraction woke me up and then..... I thought I peed my pants and ran to the bathroom. My water was leaking but it stopped so I was pretty sure I peed my pants and went back to bed. My whole pregnancy Geoff joked how if I peed my pants he would make so much fun of me and never let me live it down... I told him he could make fun of me in the morning but right then I was too mad to be made fun of. He was so asleep he already forgot I got up in the first place.
12:20 am (Nov 3) - thought I peed my pants again. After changing again.... I got out my computer and googled "Did my water break?" While looking online my contractions started and were 2-3 minutes apart. 40 minutes of contractions and at 1:00 I woke up Geoff and told him I was pretty sure his baby was about to be born. He asked what I wanted to do... I said " Um call your mom and have her come stay with Savana and GO TO THE HOSPITAL :)!!"
I did my dishes while I waited for my wonderful mom-in-law to get to our house. (I cant ever leave my house with dirty dishes, even if in labor... plus it helped keep me occupied so I did not just lay on the couch and cry.)
1:45- In the car I cried and told Geoff I did not want to push out a baby because it hurt so bad last time and I was not mentally prepared for it all...
2:00 am- we checked into the hospital. I'm pretty sure I asked the nurse 100 times if I was really going to stay because when my water was leaking with Savana they actually discharged us but never ended up leaving the room due to other symptoms...
I was at a 3 and having regular contractions and very very very nauseous. I had some medicine while I waited for my epidural :) It was really nice. Immediately I felt better. They now have flavored ice! I had both tigers blood and lime. YUMM! Then the contractions got worse and I was really glad I was getting an epidural. 
3:30ish I got my epidural
5:00ish - They put me on petocin for about an hour just to get the contractions stronger and I was still at a 3
My epidural felt like it was not working low on my right side... I rolled over and they checked me and bam...
6:20ish - I was an 8!
The doc came in and my room was all prepped... Little Annie was facing up so the doc said he would have to flip her and it was pushing time. One push and he flipped her around. The nurse said "Wow she has lots of dark hair!" I looked at Geoff in unbelief that they could actually see her because it took a half hour to get Savana out...second push and....
6:47- She was out! All covered in white goo.... lots of white goo. I guess they have lots of it when they come early :) I was a little grossed out but hey I'll take it for 2 less weeks of pregnancy :) Plus the nurse said she will have extra soft skin because of if. Who does not want  extra soft baby skin??? :)
I got to hold and snuggle and nurse for for quite a while. (Unlike with Savana I got to see her for just a minute and they whisked her away. Sad.)
I got all taken care of and got to my recovery room and I was totally surprised when I was not in loads of pain. (This was the worst part of having Savana, I cried for hours in really bad pain after my epidural wore off her.) I was pleasantly surprised I felt so good. I had breakfast and to hold and snuggle Annie a lot! We had visitors by about 10 am and I felt amazing for one having been up all night and two just having a baby. I had looots of milkshakes at the hospital- they are so delish! Anyone who wants to bring me a chocolate milkshake is more than welcome to :) (after I had Savana I craved Sprite... this time its chocolate milkshakes!!) Anyway..
I am still surprised at how smoothly and perfect things went. Annie was a little orange and we had to do several tests until her biliruben  came down. But we never had to do lights or anything. I still feel great and she is adorable, healthy and perfect. Savana is an amazing big sister and we are a happy family :)

*Thanks to everyone who has come to visit and bring us dinner and baby gifts :) We feel so SOSOSOSSOOO loved. 

 Happy dad!

 The Loomis Family!
 Aunt Katie
 My good friend Annie, meeting baby Annie.
 My baby Annie with her little best friend Pyper (my friend Annie's baby)

Annie and Pyper. We are so glad we got to see them while they were in town.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baking blog

I have made a cooking blog! It is mainly for those with Kid Helpers :) So the recipes will have little kid friendly tips to keep them stay safe and busy while you make a treat. It's sometimes tricky to keep their hands out of the stuff that spills or places they could get burned. Right now its just treats but I will post dinner ideas too :) Hopefully you and your kiddo/s can have some fun together in the kitchen making things you both enjoy eating!

Are you serious??

These shoes actually exist?? 
Anyone being a goat for Halloween??

Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthday and summer time!

I have the best father-in-law in the world. He got me such pretty flowers for my bday! I love my in-laws, they are seriously amazing!

We went to the zoo on my bday and it was so much fun!

Savana had a really great time! It was a great family day.

She looks kind of like she is casting a spell or something lol but she is roaring at the tigers!

What a great dad!

Uh, here is the first official "bump" picture I have taken this pregnancy (28 weeks). I have pretty much just looked like I ate too may cheeseburgers or something until now, but I hope people just know I'm pregnant and not a fatty. LOL.

Savana at "the cougar!" She always wants to drive by the stadium and see the cougar so we had to get a pic when we took her to the open football practice.

Ah the water park, How I will miss you when you close! I really think I will cry the last time we go. We have had so much fun! I am definitely a summer girl. I'm really wishing we can end up livig in St. George!

Savana and her little water park buddy, Jack. We had lots of fun with Jack and Mallory at 7 Peaks!

Time to get a snack!

We walked by some people sunbathing and Savana says "Look mom! They are sleepin here!" I told her "They are relaxing in the sun, its called sunbathing." So we go get our snack and she lays down and I ask her if she is sleepy and wants to go and she looks at me and says "No mom, I'm sunbathing..." Lol, I love her!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to blogging!

Life is wonderful being a full time mom! Its all my dreams come true. I love everything about our life! We are growing from a family of 3 to a family of 4! Savana is getting a little sister in November and we are so excited! I have my fingers crossed Annie will make her appearance on Nov 11th,  (11-11-11)! I have always loved numbers and I really need to have her that day! If it comes and goes and no baby I will cry, really hard. In fact I'm so determined that if I can't be induced I will do everything in my power to get her out! Savana is very excited to get a baby sister. I'm really not scared at all about the adjustment for her. She will do great. She talks about getting her baby sister every day and it melts my heart.
We have had a really fun summer! We went camping.

We went to Montana to plant my grandma's flowers :) A tradition I insist on keeping up. I have done it every year since I was a freshman in High School. Living so far away I can't be all the help and companion to her I wish I was but at least I can give her pretty flowers to remind her I love her.

When we went to Montana I made sure to go to the farmers market so Savana could ride on a horse. She loves horses and its the highlight of her summer :)

Other than our fun trips we have gone to 7 Peaks almost daily to keep busy and really get our use out of our passes and enjoy summer time! Just a few more weeks and it will be getting colder and I will be inside all winter with a new baby during RSV season so we are spending lots of time at the park and on walks. Being a mom is the best. I love my little 2 year old. She makes me so happy! And Geoff is the best dad and husband in the world! He starts school again here in not too long. He loves his job. And I'm glad he is so happy doing things he loves. We have such a happy little family. I'm so blessed!

Monday, May 30, 2011

She grew up!

In the last 2 days my little girl grew up! She learned how to climb out of her crib, and she got a big girl bed and spent her first night in it. Then last night she had her first real slumber party with the cousins at grandma's house. When did my baby grow up? I sure love being with her everyday! It's the most wonderful thing in the world to be a mom, at home :) I couldn't be happier, life is wonderful.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm almost there!

You always appreciate things more after waiting a long time, praying and fasting and trying to be patient for it. Well, what I have waited for for so long is finally just around the corner!!!
Geoff got a job in an Exercise Physiologist's office and he has already started part time and as soon as my job will let me I will be done and he will be full time :) He contacted them a while ago since he is going to school to be an Exercise Physiologist and just wanted to see what they were all about. And they emailed and said they had an opening and to come interview! He loves it so far. They are going to work with his school schedule in the fall and.... everything just..... came together :) I'm so happy for him. Its perfect for what Geoff needed and perfect for me and Savana too! Heavenly Father knows our situations and what is best for us.  Ever since I found out my heart has been bursting with gratitude. I'm thankful for my little girl, and my AMAZING husband, and that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. I'm thankful for our darling little home and friends close by for play dates. I'm grateful that it came at this time so I can really appreciate this blessing.
 I am so excited planning my days with Savana I can hardly sleep. I have 2 years of "mommy ideas" overflowing my brain. I love to play with Savana and teach her things. Our first day together we are going to make peanut butter playdough! We are going to bake bread and read and read and read and read! She loves books :) And we are going to get a 7 Peaks pass and go swimming this summer! And go on walks, do yoga, and play "soccer ball" (as she calls soccer)... and play at the park and go to the zoo and the aquarium and play dress up and visit cousins and friends, and do sidewalk chalk and finger paint and blow colored bubbles... Crayola Colored Bubbles Wand Set
YES COLORED BUBBLES! Shhh. Don't tell Savana that one, I have a feeling the hoppity, soft, fuzzy, adorable Easter Bunny might bring them to her :)
Oh my little mommy heart us just bursting with joy! The other day I was getting ready to take Savana over to her grandma/grandpas house (where she never wants to leave because she has so much fun and is so loved) and she did not want to cooperate and kept saying "No mama, home....home." I told her that soon her mommy was going to stay home with her all the time, everyday, all day long! And she looked at me and stopped wiggling and said in a very serious, unbelieving kind of when a kid sees Disneyland... "no wayyyyy?" It was so cute.
I love my life :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hinkey and Nonah

This is currently Savana's favorite book. She always wants it read to her before bed and kisses president Hinckley on every page. When the book is over she says "Mo Hinkey! (more Hinckley) It melts my heart.
I'm also pretty proud that she tells me the story of Nonah (Jonah)... in only a few words. She says "Nonah, Go Ninva (Ninevah).. NO! HIDE! Storm... gulp... pray...sorry...spit out.....Nonah happy." Short and sweet. She tells it to me every night after we turn off the lights when we are done with Hinkey :) She is so sweet and I'm so blessed to be her mommy! I can't wait to spend more time with her :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Epic Dental

Today is my last day at Epic Dental. Is so crazy. I have loved this place for so long! Best boss and coworkers in the world! My heart will always have a special place for Epic. They have been so good to me and I appreciate it so much. I'm so sad to leave but at the same time I will get to spend so much more time with my little angel and I'm excited and know that it is the right thing to do. Its still just sad to leave the best company ever!
Goodbye 4:39am alarm- you will not be missed!
Goodbye crazy divers on I15... you won't be missed either :)
Goodbye funny work phone calls that crack me up!
Goodbye best job in the world....
Hello morning workout!
Hello morning cartoons while eating cereal on the couch with my baby!
All the projects in my house... better get ready to be attacked... I have time to get to you now!
Husband, you have your wife back get ready to see me a LOT more :)
Savana, you are an angel and your mommy is excited to be with you! Lots of stories, piggie back rides, yoga, crafts and mommy play time are in the near future! I can't wait!

Epic, Thanks for everything. Its very much appreciated and I will miss you.

I felt like there was something wrong with me last night, I got zero sleep because I was crying because I was remembering all the good times at Epic. Lame right? But seriously, Donald Bailey is the best boss ever. He added maternity insurance just so I could have Savana and I will forever be grateful for that! Todd Barfuss is a great manager, Ill miss the "You do good work" reminders I always get... Megan, Alexis, Tandra, Spencer, Kevin, BR, and Whitney Baker have all been a blast to work with!

If anyone wants to get the best dental products in the world check out Epic Dental... they rock :) I will never use a different dental product as long as I live....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 I have the most amazing husband in the world. Period. End of Story. Hands Down.

Not only is he the most handsome man alive, a fantastic father, college graduate with honors, Straight A student, A soon-to-be BYU Football Intern and Grad student, but he is also PUBLISHED in Training & Conditioning Magazine! What a great man!

Here is the link:


Saturday, January 29, 2011


Savana got Monsters Inc. for Christmas and loooooves it. She is talking so much now and she now repeats almost everything she hears. She loves to watch Monsters before bed at night and I sometimes give in just so I can snuggle her :) AND because she sings me a sweet song every time. Here is the link to the song I love to hear her sing to me.
She says "You and me, me and you" and I say "Both of us together!" And she smiles and laughs and wants smooches!
She sings it all evening after she hears it and always before bed at night whether she watches the movie or not.
And of course she says "Mike Wasowski" over and over again just like Boo and I love it.
Normally I like doing an activity or reading with her as opposed to watching movies but its hard to pass up her little song... I give in :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are you a Latter-day Saint Mommy Blogger??

I was at work yesterday and had a woman call and ask me where our company was located. I responded, Utah. Then she asked a question..."Are you a Latter-day Saint woman?" I said "Yep I am..." "Do you blog?" she asked. In my head I was thinking how guilty I felt because it has been over a month since my last post but still said "Yes I have a blog, its fun." "Are you a mom?" "Yes, I have a little girl and yes I blog about her" She went off on a funny and entertaining little rant about how she has all these friends that have told her to read Latter Day Saint women's blogs because they are so wonderful and uplifting and she did and then she saw on TV how popular these blogs are getting and people read them and are uplifted and amazed by how fun it is to be a mom and so on..and on and on. I had to laugh. Then I saw this article today on ksl and just find it all so amusing.

Here is the link to the KSL article