Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Epic Dental

Today is my last day at Epic Dental. Is so crazy. I have loved this place for so long! Best boss and coworkers in the world! My heart will always have a special place for Epic. They have been so good to me and I appreciate it so much. I'm so sad to leave but at the same time I will get to spend so much more time with my little angel and I'm excited and know that it is the right thing to do. Its still just sad to leave the best company ever!
Goodbye 4:39am alarm- you will not be missed!
Goodbye crazy divers on I15... you won't be missed either :)
Goodbye funny work phone calls that crack me up!
Goodbye best job in the world....
Hello morning workout!
Hello morning cartoons while eating cereal on the couch with my baby!
All the projects in my house... better get ready to be attacked... I have time to get to you now!
Husband, you have your wife back get ready to see me a LOT more :)
Savana, you are an angel and your mommy is excited to be with you! Lots of stories, piggie back rides, yoga, crafts and mommy play time are in the near future! I can't wait!

Epic, Thanks for everything. Its very much appreciated and I will miss you.

I felt like there was something wrong with me last night, I got zero sleep because I was crying because I was remembering all the good times at Epic. Lame right? But seriously, Donald Bailey is the best boss ever. He added maternity insurance just so I could have Savana and I will forever be grateful for that! Todd Barfuss is a great manager, Ill miss the "You do good work" reminders I always get... Megan, Alexis, Tandra, Spencer, Kevin, BR, and Whitney Baker have all been a blast to work with!

If anyone wants to get the best dental products in the world check out Epic Dental... they rock :) I will never use a different dental product as long as I live....


  1. what about my future hubs?!

  2. SAD :( but so happy! I loved Epic. I still miss it!!!


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