Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm almost there!

You always appreciate things more after waiting a long time, praying and fasting and trying to be patient for it. Well, what I have waited for for so long is finally just around the corner!!!
Geoff got a job in an Exercise Physiologist's office and he has already started part time and as soon as my job will let me I will be done and he will be full time :) He contacted them a while ago since he is going to school to be an Exercise Physiologist and just wanted to see what they were all about. And they emailed and said they had an opening and to come interview! He loves it so far. They are going to work with his school schedule in the fall and.... everything just..... came together :) I'm so happy for him. Its perfect for what Geoff needed and perfect for me and Savana too! Heavenly Father knows our situations and what is best for us.  Ever since I found out my heart has been bursting with gratitude. I'm thankful for my little girl, and my AMAZING husband, and that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. I'm thankful for our darling little home and friends close by for play dates. I'm grateful that it came at this time so I can really appreciate this blessing.
 I am so excited planning my days with Savana I can hardly sleep. I have 2 years of "mommy ideas" overflowing my brain. I love to play with Savana and teach her things. Our first day together we are going to make peanut butter playdough! We are going to bake bread and read and read and read and read! She loves books :) And we are going to get a 7 Peaks pass and go swimming this summer! And go on walks, do yoga, and play "soccer ball" (as she calls soccer)... and play at the park and go to the zoo and the aquarium and play dress up and visit cousins and friends, and do sidewalk chalk and finger paint and blow colored bubbles... Crayola Colored Bubbles Wand Set
YES COLORED BUBBLES! Shhh. Don't tell Savana that one, I have a feeling the hoppity, soft, fuzzy, adorable Easter Bunny might bring them to her :)
Oh my little mommy heart us just bursting with joy! The other day I was getting ready to take Savana over to her grandma/grandpas house (where she never wants to leave because she has so much fun and is so loved) and she did not want to cooperate and kept saying "No mama, home....home." I told her that soon her mommy was going to stay home with her all the time, everyday, all day long! And she looked at me and stopped wiggling and said in a very serious, unbelieving kind of when a kid sees Disneyland... "no wayyyyy?" It was so cute.
I love my life :)


  1. yay!!!!! we are so happy for you - ALL of you! Congratulations Geoff!

  2. I thought the colored bubbles were such a cute idea that I looked them up - and the ratings are really bad. You might want to look into them. But I found these colored bubbles that have great ratings!

  3. Yay for being a stay at home mommy! It really is the best thing every and I'm so glad you'll get to spend more time with your little cutie pie!

  4. I am so happy for you Holly!! You are the cutest little mama ever!!! Oh and watch out for stains with the colored bubbles- I heard they stain WAY bad :) But, hey have fun anyways!!


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