Friday, February 19, 2010

What a girl!

My sweet sis-in-law Jenny sent me these pics! She was babysitting and as you can see Savana was having fun playing with a purse. How sweet!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do you clean here too?

Have you ever looked in the bottom of your toothbrush holder? I guess it depends on the kind you have but it can get really scummy! I noticed it after I actually got a toothbrush holder when we got married. Before you think I'm gross, check yours out! I now clean it every few days when I clean up the bathroom.
The vent on the back of your blow dryer! I swear lint looooves the vent on the back of my blow dryer. I find myself picking it out all the time!
The crack between the stove and counter! I'm constantly cleaning shredded cheese and little vegetables out of the stupid crack. Some day I want a seamless crackless kitchen! :)
If your hair ties seem to disappear really quickly (like mine), look under your bed! Mine always magically end up there some how! I must go to bed with them and put them there in my sleep! Every time I move my bed it is like I won the hair tie lottery!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines day is one of my favorite holidays! Its right up there with the Super Bowl, Easter, and the 4th of July! Unfortunately my very favorite part of Valentines Day...cheesecake Hershey's Kisses...well, are not anywhere to be found. My heart is quite sad. But our little Loomis family has a few things to be happy about this weekend (besides Valentines Day and no school for Geoff on Monday). Geoff will be graduating in August! YAHOO! So we just found out that he will do his coaching internship with Orem High Lacrosse starting starting Monday! I'm excited for him. I think he will love it! Or at least I will love going to games! It will be good to get out and hopefully spring comes soon so I can love it even more! Savana will be the best little cheerleader at his games. Her vocab right now is MAMA mamamamamaaa and da da dadadada. Very cute. Maybe by the end of the season she will say "Go Tigers!" Sounds like a long shot? Maybe, but I do have a genius baby! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Savana can......

So lots has been going on with the little Loomis family! Is it too late for christmas pictures? HAHA! I have had a lot of requests for christmas pics.
Savana takes ofter her dad, she LOVES french bread! She crawled around with this piece in her mouth for ever! It was so cute!
We have taught our little girl well, she has a new trick, when we say "TOUCHDOWN" she throws her arms up in the air! TOOOO CUTE!
And if ya view the will see Savana hit a major milestone!!! Enjoy all the pics!