Saturday, August 29, 2009

Photo fun! And Christmas is postponed again...and again and again.

I love having a cute baby I can take pics of! She really is such a great little girl! She is learning so much now! She rolls over so well! If she is on the floor and I just get up for even a minute (for example: take a diaper to the garbage) she will have rolled across the living room! Little speedster...
She now reaches for things she wants (my phone and her wipe container are her favorites). It is so cute! Her eyes get all focused and sometimes she will grunt in frustration. She can reach for, grab and hold onto a toy...and get it to her mouth of course! She is quite the talker. She talks and coos and babbles all day now. She had squash for the first time this week. I don't think she is too crazy about it. She opens her mouth great for rice cereal but as soon as the orange colored stuff comes at her, her mouth locks shut. This week we will try peas I think....(Geoff''s least favorite food. Lets hope its not genetic!)
She has had a really rough few days. As you know we are moving...well I have had a parade of people coming to look at our place all week. And every person that comes (after I say, Hey my baby is asleep please just peek into the bedroom) storms in and wakes her up. RUDE! It makes a long day with a cranky sleepy baby! So hopefully the parade stops soon and she can enjoy uninterrupted naps. OH that will be bliss! And not too long and she will have her very own room! YAHOO!!!!
So, we still have not gotten a car yet! I have kind of changed my mind and want a Hyundai Santa Fe now....we will see though. I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve...waiting for Christmas day and oh wait....Christmas is postponed...every day! I'm really impatient and at the same time love the anticipation! What the heck kind of car am I going to get? ....mmmm.
Hopefully the next post is " A CAR AT LAST"

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Peak experiences

When I was in HS I took psychology for several years, and loved it. One thing I really remember is learning about peak experiences and having to figure out what they are in our life. It is a sudden feeling of intense happiness and well-being. Here are some of mine!
The intense feeling of that fist jump in the pool-burr!
Haircut day, the second you see the finished do in the mirror for the first time
Getting Savana to laugh
Feeling the sun tingle on my skin, ah a good tan
Roller coasters
Fireworks, the loud ones that you can feel
Climbing into crisp clean sheets
Seeing Ma (my grandma! Gosh she is amazing!)
Sunday naps
My car fresh out of the car wash! ( though I don't have one yet! HA!)
The perfect fitting jeans
HOT, HOT, HOT, deep, bubble baths!
Hearing my fav song! And (in the privacy of my own home) rockin out to it! HAHA! Are you getting a mental picture?
The burn of a good workout
Movie night, at home in my pjs
My team winning
Falling asleep on the couch by my sweetie
The beep of a new text
Putting on brand new socks! All tight and new
A full night's sleep!!!!

I know I have a lot more. Sometimes making a list of things you love just makes you happy!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I can roll!

So my little girl can roll over now! I cant believe it. When she is on her tummy she can scoot a little bit but she puts her face in the soon as she realizes she moves forward with her head up she will be crawling! Maybe more like army crawling but it still makes me proud (and a little scared, now I have to baby proof my house!)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Moving and bye bye Taurus

Yep...the 3rd move since we have been married! I guess we just can't settle down. Or maybe we were just waiting for the place we are going to! It is too cute for words and will be absolutely perfect for us! One of the best parts is Savana will get her own room! And I get the pleasure of setting up a real nursery! Every mom's big dream right?
The only bad part is that our #1 mover, Brian (Geoff's little bro) is on his mission in New I guess that means we have to actually get help this time! I made Geoff promise it will be the last time til he buys me a house! But we will see! I think I will be totally content living in our new place for a long time! So cute and new! It has a garage new car that I don't have yet! But hopefully will soon! The other day I said good bye to the good, faithful, reliable Taurus. I had an oz of sadness. I'm just sentimental. But it means I get a new car! So I'm pretty excited! A new one that our family can grow into! (I love that saying)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday pics and Savana

I went with Katie and Jenny to get pedicures on my Birthday! So much fun!

I love Savana in her little diaper! She is so soft!

Thanks for the cute cake Jenny! The frosting has sparkles!

Oh I LOVE it!

Katie's sunglasses!

Heidi's sunglasses!

Savana desperately trying to suck on her toe!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our First Date

I remember details, about everything. I remember where I was driving while I had certain phone conversations, outfits I wore on certain days and what I ate on such-and-such a day way back when. I also remember dates of events really well. 3 years ago last night was our first date! Aug 7 2006! On Aug 6, I was sitting in my kitchen making a cheese tortilla for a snack before work and I had my cell phone on the table when I got the text from Geoff saying that we never had an official first date and asking me to go the SLC Bees game with him and his friend (Jake). I thought it was so sweet and we went and had a great time! He wore this hat he got in Mexico! I love it. He wanted to try on my sunglasses, I thought..."Mmmm, this will make a great pic!" So I took one on my phone and sent it to my email so I could treasure it forever!
I also remember that last year today, 08-08-08 I was watching the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics and I was attempting to cut my first watermelon and sliced my finger open really bad and now I have a great scar I call my "08-08-08 scar."

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Birthday memories

Do you remember all your birthdays? What you got? What you wore? Who came to your party? What are some of your favorite Birthday memories?

Here are a few of mine.

My 4th Birthday. It was a Sunday and my dad's best friend (we called him Uncle Gary) had a limo and drove me home from church in his limo! I thought it was the greatest thing ever! But I was really tired and fell asleep- I guess church wore me out!

My 5th Birthday I got a kitten! Well not really as a present but I really wanted one and I prayed for one and was born in the back of our van that night and we kept him alive. Oh the faith of a child! He was the coolest cat ever! Good old Garth! I still miss him.

My 8th Birthday. I was baptized on my birthday! I loved it. My mom did my hair really cute and I had pretty white shoes I was obsessed with forever!

My mom always made me a great breakfast! I miss it today I'm starving!

My family went to Holter Lake a lot to go tubing and I loved to do that on my birthdays! One year we lit my birthday candles on my cake in the boat and I thought it was so cool.

I love having Dairy Queen ice cream cakes! I had one every year I could!

The summer I met Geoff, my room mates had a birthday party for me and it was really fun but my cd player got jammed and Geoff came back over to fix it for me! He is too sweet! And we danced under the falling down streamers and white lights...It was "a moment."

Last year my sister in law, Jenny, made me the cutest Lady Bug cake! Adorable! This year it was a butterfly cupcake cake! Thanks for the great cakes Jenny! And I had horrible morning sickness last year! But it was definately worth it because this year I have my little Savana! And my amazing husband got me an iPhone! I love you honey!
And today I'm going swimming and watching Tori and Dean with my friend Jessica and then I'm getting a pedicure with Geoff's adorable sisters (Thanks to my great mother in law!) Yahoo!