Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our First Date

I remember details, about everything. I remember where I was driving while I had certain phone conversations, outfits I wore on certain days and what I ate on such-and-such a day way back when. I also remember dates of events really well. 3 years ago last night was our first date! Aug 7 2006! On Aug 6, I was sitting in my kitchen making a cheese tortilla for a snack before work and I had my cell phone on the table when I got the text from Geoff saying that we never had an official first date and asking me to go the SLC Bees game with him and his friend (Jake). I thought it was so sweet and we went and had a great time! He wore this hat he got in Mexico! I love it. He wanted to try on my sunglasses, I thought..."Mmmm, this will make a great pic!" So I took one on my phone and sent it to my email so I could treasure it forever!
I also remember that last year today, 08-08-08 I was watching the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics and I was attempting to cut my first watermelon and sliced my finger open really bad and now I have a great scar I call my "08-08-08 scar."


  1. Hi Holly! This is Shanna. This is so funny. I was clicking on random blogs from other blogs of people I know. I was so surprised to see your face on this one. LOL! Your little girl is adorable! I just wanted to say hi. We should keep in touch. Our blog is It was great to see pictures, and see how you and Geoff are doing. Oh, there's also a link to Katie's blog on mine. =)

  2. Holly you are so completly adorable. I am so bad at keeping up my blog, how do you do it? I have the hardest time finding topics but I am totally in love with yours! Tell me your secret! I love you and your baby is so absolutly beautiful!

  3. And MY birthday. I remember this photo.
    Crazy kids!


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