Saturday, August 29, 2009

Photo fun! And Christmas is postponed again...and again and again.

I love having a cute baby I can take pics of! She really is such a great little girl! She is learning so much now! She rolls over so well! If she is on the floor and I just get up for even a minute (for example: take a diaper to the garbage) she will have rolled across the living room! Little speedster...
She now reaches for things she wants (my phone and her wipe container are her favorites). It is so cute! Her eyes get all focused and sometimes she will grunt in frustration. She can reach for, grab and hold onto a toy...and get it to her mouth of course! She is quite the talker. She talks and coos and babbles all day now. She had squash for the first time this week. I don't think she is too crazy about it. She opens her mouth great for rice cereal but as soon as the orange colored stuff comes at her, her mouth locks shut. This week we will try peas I think....(Geoff''s least favorite food. Lets hope its not genetic!)
She has had a really rough few days. As you know we are moving...well I have had a parade of people coming to look at our place all week. And every person that comes (after I say, Hey my baby is asleep please just peek into the bedroom) storms in and wakes her up. RUDE! It makes a long day with a cranky sleepy baby! So hopefully the parade stops soon and she can enjoy uninterrupted naps. OH that will be bliss! And not too long and she will have her very own room! YAHOO!!!!
So, we still have not gotten a car yet! I have kind of changed my mind and want a Hyundai Santa Fe now....we will see though. I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve...waiting for Christmas day and oh wait....Christmas is postponed...every day! I'm really impatient and at the same time love the anticipation! What the heck kind of car am I going to get? ....mmmm.
Hopefully the next post is " A CAR AT LAST"

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  1. She's getting so big! I probably say that everytime, but it's true! Have you almost tripped over Savana yet because you didn't realise she was right behind you? I know I have with Owen. Fast little stinker. Anyways, we need a new car too, but we have to wait at least a year or so, so my Christmas is a long way off too. Good luck with the moving and the car buying!
    PS I've been doing better on my blog, so check it out!


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