Thursday, August 20, 2009

Moving and bye bye Taurus

Yep...the 3rd move since we have been married! I guess we just can't settle down. Or maybe we were just waiting for the place we are going to! It is too cute for words and will be absolutely perfect for us! One of the best parts is Savana will get her own room! And I get the pleasure of setting up a real nursery! Every mom's big dream right?
The only bad part is that our #1 mover, Brian (Geoff's little bro) is on his mission in New I guess that means we have to actually get help this time! I made Geoff promise it will be the last time til he buys me a house! But we will see! I think I will be totally content living in our new place for a long time! So cute and new! It has a garage new car that I don't have yet! But hopefully will soon! The other day I said good bye to the good, faithful, reliable Taurus. I had an oz of sadness. I'm just sentimental. But it means I get a new car! So I'm pretty excited! A new one that our family can grow into! (I love that saying)


  1. Where are you moving to now?

  2. An adorable place, south provo, by the provo cemetary. Its a new little development and too cute to pass up! Where we are now, we just took over the end of someones contract and realized we need more space for Savana so we decided not to resign.

  3. Congratulations Holly! I'm excited for you! Sounds like you are moving close to where we are now... but we are moving next week... dang! That's really neat though! Happy for you!

  4. You are going to love having your own room! Jackson didn't get to move out of ours until he was almost a year and we all celebrated our move too :) Good luck!


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