Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Birthday memories

Do you remember all your birthdays? What you got? What you wore? Who came to your party? What are some of your favorite Birthday memories?

Here are a few of mine.

My 4th Birthday. It was a Sunday and my dad's best friend (we called him Uncle Gary) had a limo and drove me home from church in his limo! I thought it was the greatest thing ever! But I was really tired and fell asleep- I guess church wore me out!

My 5th Birthday I got a kitten! Well not really as a present but I really wanted one and I prayed for one and was born in the back of our van that night and we kept him alive. Oh the faith of a child! He was the coolest cat ever! Good old Garth! I still miss him.

My 8th Birthday. I was baptized on my birthday! I loved it. My mom did my hair really cute and I had pretty white shoes I was obsessed with forever!

My mom always made me a great breakfast! I miss it today I'm starving!

My family went to Holter Lake a lot to go tubing and I loved to do that on my birthdays! One year we lit my birthday candles on my cake in the boat and I thought it was so cool.

I love having Dairy Queen ice cream cakes! I had one every year I could!

The summer I met Geoff, my room mates had a birthday party for me and it was really fun but my cd player got jammed and Geoff came back over to fix it for me! He is too sweet! And we danced under the falling down streamers and white lights...It was "a moment."

Last year my sister in law, Jenny, made me the cutest Lady Bug cake! Adorable! This year it was a butterfly cupcake cake! Thanks for the great cakes Jenny! And I had horrible morning sickness last year! But it was definately worth it because this year I have my little Savana! And my amazing husband got me an iPhone! I love you honey!
And today I'm going swimming and watching Tori and Dean with my friend Jessica and then I'm getting a pedicure with Geoff's adorable sisters (Thanks to my great mother in law!) Yahoo!


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!

  2. Oh my goodness, Happy birthday Holly!!! forgive me for being so clueless and having no idea!! I am glad you had a great day!! It was fun to see you over the weekend- even though it was a little bit of a disaster for me :) Let's get together again soon!!


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