Friday, July 31, 2009

Love at first sight?

This week 3 years ago Geoff and I went to Mexico and met and well…that’s when we began our trip to Happily Ever After! Ha!
For those who may not know the Love Story of our life. Here it goes!
We both had friends who were going to Mexico on a service trip to help orphans. We both got talked into going. There were some meetings before the trip to get all the groups organized. So we went to this one meeting when we met!
I remember the very first second I saw Geoff. I never really believed in love at first sight but I sure liked what I saw!
I was sitting on the grass with my ankles crossed and my hands behind me. The friend (Deanna) I went with left for a minute to talk to some people and I was just looking around when….well I saw the most beautiful legs ever! My eyes worked their way up to see the face of my husband! Oh! Little did I know then! The thought “Man I’m glad I’m going to Mexico” crossed my mind! He sat on the other side of the sidewalk facing me and I kept embarrassing myself getting busted staring at him. Oops! Ha!
We got in the same service group. Went to Mexico, camped on the beach, and played with orphans. We went on a little excursion to find a bathroom and I caught a frog. I took it back to show the kids and one orphan said he wanted to put it in the oven and eat it! Sad. So I said adios to the froggy so it would not become a snack.
Geoff and I talked all night,
and all the next day,
and all the next night,
and texted all the way back to UT,
and hung out all the next week,
and all the way til now!

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  1. thanks for the shoutout, orphan lovers. Don't forget about the bad gas on the way home as you texted was a beautiful sight.


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