Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's in it?

My Birthday is coming up and Geoff is really on the ball and already got my present. It is currently sitting in a paper bag on our mantle, clearly open so I can peek if I wish. Oh boy am I impatient and the anxiety is killing me! I want to look so bad. But I'm still a kid at heart and I get sad if I don't get a surprise on my birthday. So I want to wait. OH but it is just sitting there! I can do it. It will be hard but I must wait!
Geoff is the best present giver! He always gets me great stuff. He thinks about it and plans just perfect! Last year for my B-day he played a pretty funny trick on me. I had wanted this pair of ear rings for quite a while. So I went a head and got them and told Geoff he could wrap them up and give them to me.
So we were at his parents and it was present time... I opened the rest of my presents and then Geoff handed me the bag that had my ear rings in it (or so I thought seeing as how I put them in it myself). He clearly announced to everyone that this was a present I got myself making me feel retarded. Who buys themselves a present and openes it in front of people??? I refused to open it and set it aside, but Geoff forced it back into my arms. So I emabarrassingly reached in the bag to get out my ear rings and earrings. Geoff took them out and gave me an empty bag??? WHAT THE HECK? So I had to look in it ear rings.....BUT BYU FOOTBALL SEASON TICKETS!!!! Yahoo! Geoff is the best! We had so much fun last year going to the games! It was a great present.

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