Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dreams, dreams but maybe reality!

When I was a little girl one of my favorite things to do was look at floor plans with my mom. I would look through books and magazines all day! Now, grown up…the hobby (I guess you could call it) continues! I love watching HGTV! Seeing how people decorate and find homes and things to watch out for when I do SOMEDAY get a house!
Our new Sunday thing is….Geoff looks up houses for sale online and gets the addresses and we drive around and check them out. We peek in windows of vacant ones and scope out the neighbor hoods and get fliers. We love it and call it our FHE. It is so fun to talk about it and we have found some homes we were pretty crazy about and I would daydream about living in them!
The other night after our little House Hunting we saw this thing on TV about housing in Provo. There is this amazing plan that has my hopes up of getting a house sooner than I ever dreamed! It is called the Rural Housing Development Corporation! Look it up! It is plan where you build your own house! Well, yours and about 7 others. They get a huge plot and build a little community on it. All the families work together and build each other’s houses! No one moves in until all the houses are built! The government gives huge credits for doing it lowering the cost of your home a ton! Your down payment is only $500! Mortgages are about $800. Making my dream (HOPEFULLY) a soon to be reality!
Since you have to have 35 hours a week to build, over a course of about 6 months, we won’t be able to do it until Geoff finishes school. But they will not be building in Orem until then anyway so it works out perfect. We hope. Check out the plans for my dream home!

Oh I can just picture little Savana with her backpack on, on the front porch with a big smile on her first day of school! (in 5 years) Im such a dreamer!

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  1. Cute floor plan Holly! Love it! I use to draw floor plans all the time when I was little. :) That's probably why I went into Drafting and Interior Design when I started college. Who knew. haha. Keep dreaming and checking out the houses! I know it will come true!


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