Sunday, July 26, 2009

Toes, Rice Cereal and Good Bye Brian

Savana found and loves her toes! This is how she is the majority of the day now!

First rice cereal!

Soccer game! Maybe she will be a soccer player! She loves watching it!

She sucks her thumb! So cute!

Bye bye Brian! He leaves the MTC for New Zealand tomorrow!

He already misses Savana!

I kicked everyones butt on Boxing on the Wii! I never play video games but everyone was playing with Brian before he left and no body could beat me in Boxing! Brian was the only one I did not knock out the first round (he took me to round 3 and I finally beat him!)
Just so you all know I'm not into video games (mainly because I humiliate myself because I'm so horrible) or boxing...It was just a good bye Brian thing.
And just for an update! I still have not peeked at my present! I'm so strong! But man I want to!

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