Monday, November 14, 2011

Annie Kendall Loomis

Annie Kendall Loomis!
Born 11-3-11
6 lb 11 oz
Birth story:
Dinner: a few bites of a sandwich. I was starving but nothing would fit in my stomach...
Played with Savana instead of cleaning up dinner.  We played dolls for several hours. Thought how I really needed to clean my kitchen but thought it was better to enjoy playing with Savana before I got "busy with a baby." Glad I did.
Workout: My best friend, the treadmill, listening to Christmas music :) 
10:30ish: Put my head on my pillow and actually thought "Enjoy falling to sleep now when you will not have to get up a bunch to feed a baby..."
Maybe fell asleep....
11:30- A contraction woke me up and then..... I thought I peed my pants and ran to the bathroom. My water was leaking but it stopped so I was pretty sure I peed my pants and went back to bed. My whole pregnancy Geoff joked how if I peed my pants he would make so much fun of me and never let me live it down... I told him he could make fun of me in the morning but right then I was too mad to be made fun of. He was so asleep he already forgot I got up in the first place.
12:20 am (Nov 3) - thought I peed my pants again. After changing again.... I got out my computer and googled "Did my water break?" While looking online my contractions started and were 2-3 minutes apart. 40 minutes of contractions and at 1:00 I woke up Geoff and told him I was pretty sure his baby was about to be born. He asked what I wanted to do... I said " Um call your mom and have her come stay with Savana and GO TO THE HOSPITAL :)!!"
I did my dishes while I waited for my wonderful mom-in-law to get to our house. (I cant ever leave my house with dirty dishes, even if in labor... plus it helped keep me occupied so I did not just lay on the couch and cry.)
1:45- In the car I cried and told Geoff I did not want to push out a baby because it hurt so bad last time and I was not mentally prepared for it all...
2:00 am- we checked into the hospital. I'm pretty sure I asked the nurse 100 times if I was really going to stay because when my water was leaking with Savana they actually discharged us but never ended up leaving the room due to other symptoms...
I was at a 3 and having regular contractions and very very very nauseous. I had some medicine while I waited for my epidural :) It was really nice. Immediately I felt better. They now have flavored ice! I had both tigers blood and lime. YUMM! Then the contractions got worse and I was really glad I was getting an epidural. 
3:30ish I got my epidural
5:00ish - They put me on petocin for about an hour just to get the contractions stronger and I was still at a 3
My epidural felt like it was not working low on my right side... I rolled over and they checked me and bam...
6:20ish - I was an 8!
The doc came in and my room was all prepped... Little Annie was facing up so the doc said he would have to flip her and it was pushing time. One push and he flipped her around. The nurse said "Wow she has lots of dark hair!" I looked at Geoff in unbelief that they could actually see her because it took a half hour to get Savana out...second push and....
6:47- She was out! All covered in white goo.... lots of white goo. I guess they have lots of it when they come early :) I was a little grossed out but hey I'll take it for 2 less weeks of pregnancy :) Plus the nurse said she will have extra soft skin because of if. Who does not want  extra soft baby skin??? :)
I got to hold and snuggle and nurse for for quite a while. (Unlike with Savana I got to see her for just a minute and they whisked her away. Sad.)
I got all taken care of and got to my recovery room and I was totally surprised when I was not in loads of pain. (This was the worst part of having Savana, I cried for hours in really bad pain after my epidural wore off her.) I was pleasantly surprised I felt so good. I had breakfast and to hold and snuggle Annie a lot! We had visitors by about 10 am and I felt amazing for one having been up all night and two just having a baby. I had looots of milkshakes at the hospital- they are so delish! Anyone who wants to bring me a chocolate milkshake is more than welcome to :) (after I had Savana I craved Sprite... this time its chocolate milkshakes!!) Anyway..
I am still surprised at how smoothly and perfect things went. Annie was a little orange and we had to do several tests until her biliruben  came down. But we never had to do lights or anything. I still feel great and she is adorable, healthy and perfect. Savana is an amazing big sister and we are a happy family :)

*Thanks to everyone who has come to visit and bring us dinner and baby gifts :) We feel so SOSOSOSSOOO loved. 

 Happy dad!

 The Loomis Family!
 Aunt Katie
 My good friend Annie, meeting baby Annie.
 My baby Annie with her little best friend Pyper (my friend Annie's baby)

Annie and Pyper. We are so glad we got to see them while they were in town.