Friday, March 26, 2010

Pig tails and cell phones!

My little girl has hair long enough for pig tails now! -well kind of :)

The other day she grabbed my phone (which is a no no!) and put it up to her ear and lifted her shoulder, tited her eyes up and said "MAmaaaaa??????!!!!skjdfhkjhdjheuidjfnsmdflku!!"
It was so cute! She was pretending to talk to me on the phone! I loooooove it! How can I take my phone away form her if she is pretending to talk to me?? Oh my little girl melts my heart and makes me smile!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


 I have a little girl who just got her 5th tooth today!!! YAHOO!! I'm not sure if I am the lucky one or if she is, but she never shows the typical signs of teething! No fussing or drooling or anything! Her other teeth came in sets of 2s. The bottom ones came in the same day and the top ones came in the same day. I will check tonight and see if another pops out! :) Gosh it is so fun being a mom. Getting a  new tooth is as exciting as getting new shoes or accessory!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Reduced fat? Ooops!

I'm proud to be an American, I'm pretty much an All American Girl. I gew up playing with American girl dolls, I LOOOOOVE American Idol and yes, I eat Americas favorite cookie! It was a staple in my household growing up (thanks to my dad-thank you dad!!) and continues to be in my shopping cart almost every walmart trip! I went to dive into my new Oreo cookies yesterday and realized something was missing, like half the frosting!! I looked and realized I got REDUCED FAT! Well, it is just what is sounds like, reduced fat= reduced frosting! Dang. They do not sogg up very well in milk either. Prepare to sit for 10 mintues per dunk to sogify your Oreo if you buy Reduced Fat!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

All Smiles!

Savana is at such a fun age! She just smiles and babbles all day! She loves pillows! Every time she sees one she goes over and puts her head down on it for a minute, then gets up and gets back to playing! SOO cute! My pile of pillows that go on my bed is her favorite thing! Its a pillow heaven!She smiles soooo big! She was watching TV one day and I was trying her new Valentines day bows on and had to take some pics!She always has her anckles crossed. It is very sweet and lady-like!I really do not like McDonnald's but ended up going there one day just because I was starving and it was convenient...Whenever we have fastfood cups she needs to put the straw in her mouth to feel like a big girl! She does not know how to suck out of them yet but is really proud to think she can~BIG bows are so cute!!