Friday, March 26, 2010

Pig tails and cell phones!

My little girl has hair long enough for pig tails now! -well kind of :)

The other day she grabbed my phone (which is a no no!) and put it up to her ear and lifted her shoulder, tited her eyes up and said "MAmaaaaa??????!!!!skjdfhkjhdjheuidjfnsmdflku!!"
It was so cute! She was pretending to talk to me on the phone! I loooooove it! How can I take my phone away form her if she is pretending to talk to me?? Oh my little girl melts my heart and makes me smile!


  1. How adorable are those little pig tails?! She is so stinking cute! Owen thinks he can talk on the phone too :) Smarty pants kids.

  2. Tell her to give me a call and I'll come over to play with you cats.

  3. Holly! I'm so happy I tracked down your blog! Your family is absolutely adorable! You can check out our blog at Can't wait to stay in touch!


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