Saturday, August 22, 2009

Peak experiences

When I was in HS I took psychology for several years, and loved it. One thing I really remember is learning about peak experiences and having to figure out what they are in our life. It is a sudden feeling of intense happiness and well-being. Here are some of mine!
The intense feeling of that fist jump in the pool-burr!
Haircut day, the second you see the finished do in the mirror for the first time
Getting Savana to laugh
Feeling the sun tingle on my skin, ah a good tan
Roller coasters
Fireworks, the loud ones that you can feel
Climbing into crisp clean sheets
Seeing Ma (my grandma! Gosh she is amazing!)
Sunday naps
My car fresh out of the car wash! ( though I don't have one yet! HA!)
The perfect fitting jeans
HOT, HOT, HOT, deep, bubble baths!
Hearing my fav song! And (in the privacy of my own home) rockin out to it! HAHA! Are you getting a mental picture?
The burn of a good workout
Movie night, at home in my pjs
My team winning
Falling asleep on the couch by my sweetie
The beep of a new text
Putting on brand new socks! All tight and new
A full night's sleep!!!!

I know I have a lot more. Sometimes making a list of things you love just makes you happy!


  1. I love you Holly! You are so funny and just the best. I'm so glad I can follow your blog to see what you are up to and how you're doing! Keep up the great work!

  2. oh I totally agree that the beep of a text is completely exciting!


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