Sunday, February 7, 2010

Savana can......

So lots has been going on with the little Loomis family! Is it too late for christmas pictures? HAHA! I have had a lot of requests for christmas pics.
Savana takes ofter her dad, she LOVES french bread! She crawled around with this piece in her mouth for ever! It was so cute!
We have taught our little girl well, she has a new trick, when we say "TOUCHDOWN" she throws her arms up in the air! TOOOO CUTE!
And if ya view the will see Savana hit a major milestone!!! Enjoy all the pics!


  1. hooray for the little walker girl! I love the photos in the high chair for food...I had the privilege to witness that event once. wink wink

  2. how cute!! She's a doll! I can't believe she can walk! So cool!

  3. YAY! I love the throwing her arms up for a touchdown! and what a good li'l walker! yay!!!!

    cute!!! ggdwvhhhhhbghnb e3ghg5hgkz5dvtyghbgtgyuutrtyyttyjhgjggtt4yggggtrre86vfazhhyrx
    translation: Savana - you are very cute and I love you. I can't wait to come to your birthday and you will be 1 and I can see you walk. You are very cute and I love you very much my little cousin!

  4. I think Owen is in love :)I let him watch because he's still not so sure about the whole walking thing and now he mad the video is over and I put him down! Are they too young for an arranged marrage? What a little cutie pie!

  5. YAY! i love ALL these pics.. especially the one of us! I am sooo glad I got to see you! so fun! I love you and miss u... xoxoxx


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