Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthday and summer time!

I have the best father-in-law in the world. He got me such pretty flowers for my bday! I love my in-laws, they are seriously amazing!

We went to the zoo on my bday and it was so much fun!

Savana had a really great time! It was a great family day.

She looks kind of like she is casting a spell or something lol but she is roaring at the tigers!

What a great dad!

Uh, here is the first official "bump" picture I have taken this pregnancy (28 weeks). I have pretty much just looked like I ate too may cheeseburgers or something until now, but I hope people just know I'm pregnant and not a fatty. LOL.

Savana at "the cougar!" She always wants to drive by the stadium and see the cougar so we had to get a pic when we took her to the open football practice.

Ah the water park, How I will miss you when you close! I really think I will cry the last time we go. We have had so much fun! I am definitely a summer girl. I'm really wishing we can end up livig in St. George!

Savana and her little water park buddy, Jack. We had lots of fun with Jack and Mallory at 7 Peaks!

Time to get a snack!

We walked by some people sunbathing and Savana says "Look mom! They are sleepin here!" I told her "They are relaxing in the sun, its called sunbathing." So we go get our snack and she lays down and I ask her if she is sleepy and wants to go and she looks at me and says "No mom, I'm sunbathing..." Lol, I love her!


  1. Happy happy birthday Holly! And congrats on the baby!

  2. Holly! I'm so excited you are having another baby! We miss you guys!

  3. You're probably still skinnier than me...whatever.


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