Friday, January 15, 2010


This morning it looked so nice outside! The sun was shining and the sky all blue. This morning I was cleaning my kitchen I just had this almost instinctive motion to open my patio door and let in some fresh air. Well, those of you who are aware that it is winter are probably thinking I'm crazy since its freezing cold! Yeah, I froze after about ummm 4 seconds. And I hesitatingly shut it just hoping that some miraculous thing would happen and a lovely heat wave would bring fresh air in and for a moment quench my thirst for spring.
Oh springtime where are you?


  1. I felt the same way the last few days, that the weather was finally letting up. Birds were chirping, snow was melting, there was sun, and I had a window cracked upstairs. It won't last, but it was a nice break.

  2. Wisconsin is freezing...literally. I'm afraid I'll die sometimes.

  3. ps that was supposed to be xoxoxo. lazy fingers


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