Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm from Montana and I'm a Griz fan! I live in Utah and I'm a Cougar fan!

So far it has been a very productive Saturday. Savana woke up at 2:30 am and woke up every time I tried to put her down. She has had a cough and I think she just wanted to sleep upright because of the congestion. Its not all that bad, I would not even consider her sick, but I still got almost no sleep. When we got up for the day we had a good morning watching cartoons! Then we got ready and went to the bank and cleaned the entire house, every crack and cranny. Then we got sprayed for bugs. We have not had a bug problem but after killing 2 seriously gigantic (literally mouse sized!) spiders this week I called a bug guy. Yuck! They are not welcome in my house. Savana then had a good lunch and fell asleep in my arms. I love holding a sleeping baby! Now that she is sleeping I have a little time the Cat-Griz game! Nothing makes me more homesick than watching Griz football. I love that my husband gets the sports package for TV so even states away I can still watch the Montana Grizzlies! Rival games are the best! Go Griz!
When Savana wakes up we are having a mommy daughter date to Barns & Noble for some fun reading kids books and will get a treat at the cafe. Then its grocery shopping and baking some cake for tomorrow and then Geoff gets home! And probably more football. :) Go Cougars! Raaarrrrr!

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