Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My ooober cute baby girl!!

 I really want to show off my adorable Annie since not very many people have seen her because of this time of year she was born ( RSV season...). She just stays home. And I can't wait until March when I can take her out and show her off to people! But for now I am enjoying her all to myself at home. She has already grown so much. Time sure flies. She is almost 10 weeks now. She has had one night that she slept all night, the night before her blessing :) She is so sweet and perfect and I'm totally in love!! 

I sure love all the pictures my sweet sister-in-law Jenny took. Love her :)

 Annie has her daddy's crooked toe and I am obsessed with kissing it! SO cute!

 Pretty blue eyes!!
 I'm one happy mommy!

 Love her expressions!

 Soft baby skin...kissable!


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