Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My little girl got a tooth yesterday! She was not fussy or anything. No teething signs at all!
Oh she is growing up too fast! What a great little girl she is. She now crawls all over! She loves exploring and getting into things and seeing what this world is all about. I give her so many huggs and kisses I'm so proud of her and proud to me her mommy! She has such a great daddy! Geoff gets her laughing when he gets home from work in the evening and it is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!
She went to the BYU game this week and was so good. She loved watching all the people. I must say she was the best cheerleader at the game. Everyone around her was playing and laughing with her.
She also experienced her first shopping cart ride! I usually leave her in her carseat but the last time I went I had to stop every 3 steps and pick up the toys she was dropping on the floor and she wanted out and I was trying to hold a baby and push a cart full of stuff and trying to was a little hard. So I put her in the cart and she was laughing the entire time! The easiest shopping trip in months! She was smiling at people and gosh I love her and want to squeeze her!
We are now all settled in our new place! I invite all to come vist!!!! It is so cute and I'm so happy!
Conference is this weekend! I'm so excited. I love listening to conference! It is so relaxing to listen to the speakers. Plus I can watch in my PJs! Ah! I can't wait!

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