Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lets play catch up!

It has been so long since my last post! October was a busy month.
We love our new place, Geoff is doing excellent in school. WE GOT A CAR!!! AT LAST!!! I now drive a Saturn Vue, it is bright blue and I LOOOOVE it. We have really enjoyed fall this year. I made all sorts of Halloween treats and had so much fun doing it. And after a grueling search I finally found Savana her Halloween costume!
My adorable little girl was a pink googlie monster for Halloween!
She had so much fun playing with the candy! Even though I would not give her any.
We had a surprise Birthday party for my mom and it was a Blast! Geoff and I went separate ways that weekend, he went south to sunny Vegas for a football game and I headed north to the snow of Montana! We both had really great trips!
My mom!

Sisters! Gosh I love them! Karen, Amy and Sharlo!

Savanas great great grandma!

My sister Karen.

My sweet cousin Tammy!

I wish I was that cute of a cook! This is my sister Amy!
My cousin Wendy had little Porter the same day that I had Savana! They were so cute together! They were holding (and trying to suck on) each others hands. Cousins are amazing!
My mom was so surprised to see me and Savana. She sure loves her grand baby!

Pretty girl!


  1. oh wow! that is the CUUUUUUTEST li'l costume! I love it! and I love the pics from MT - it looks like a lot of fun! I am so glad you got to go. And can't wait for pics of the new car! Blue is a great color!

  2. My goodness you and that girl are cute! You look amazing! I love the pics of you and your mom and sisters, you gals are a good looking bunch! Glad to hear you're doing good!


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