Monday, November 30, 2009

Good bye hat, good bye cheesecake

Oh what a beau-ti-ful mor-ning, oh what a beau-ti-ful day! I’ve got a won-der-ful feel-ing…everything’s going my way!!!!

AH, this morning went perfect!

Or so I thought....

It is amazing how fast things can change! One minute I was home putting away groceries and dancing with my angel child in the kitchen after a perfect morning, and the next, I realized she lost her DARLING new hat at Wal-Mart (I’m totally heartbroken!!!!!) And while I frantically ran through the house trying to find the long-gone-lost hat, my angel child got into the cheesecake and had mashed/smeared it all over the floor and had massive fist fulls of it! Luckily, I think I got it before she got any in her mouth. I could kind of tell she had not eaten any yet because she was so close and threw the biggest fit of her 8 month long life. I felt a little bit bad, she really wanted some cheesecake. She is desperately looking forward to her first birthday cake!
I don't know if/when I will ever get over the lost hat! It was so cute and matched all her clothes! So warm, and she was just so adorable with it! Good bye cute hat! I will miss you! I hope you did not get swept up in the produce section of Wal-Mart and end up in the garbage. I hope no crazy weird child found you and took you home to make a mess with, I hope you know that you were loved in our peaceful sweet home. I will miss you!!

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  1. I lost my favorite pair of sunglasses at the Strawberry Days rodeo. When I went under the bleachers to get them after the show (I waited because I didn't think anyone would go where the bulls go) they were gone. Some one or some bull was in high fashion that night...and it wasn't me. I was sad. Whenever I see of photos of people wearing shades similar to those lost I get a little sad. RIP.


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