Friday, December 18, 2009

Butterflies and Sunshine

So about 12 years ago my dad walked into my bedroom to wake me up in the morning and had a tiny little black kitten is his arms. She was my nephew, Riker's cat's kitten ;) and she was a little barn cat on our farm in Geraldine MT. We got her all bathed and checked at the vet and she became my little black sweetheart. She slept by me at night and kept me company and was always waiting for me to get home to her. She kept my dad company in his big empty house after I graduated and moved so far away. My grandma, who never liked ANY pet, was in love with Hannah. She was always asking how she was and would even let her sit on her lap and give her snuggles! She was a sweet little kitty. I loved her sosososoo much. She started having seizures 2 days before Savana was born and she probably put me into labor with all my crying!! But she lived 9 more months, until Monday morning when she had to be put to sleep. :( I sure loved my little kitty and I know she is in heaven with lots of butterflies and sunshine!

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