Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear car

The other day I was feeding Savana and just playing I cocked my head to the right and noticed she did the same I turned my head to the left... and she did the same thing again. It has turned into a fun game she plays now. It is really adorable. I guess it is just proof that kids copy thier parents. Note to self: be a good example.

Savana is such a good little helper with the laundry!
I have had many requests to see my new car! it is. My pretty bright blue car! I love it! I look forward to many trips together!
Funny poem:
my dear sweet blue car
how beautiful you are
a long time may we be together
may you never end up in a ditch
may you run strong and run forever
or just until I get rich
and my husband buys me an Audi!!!!


  1. She's getting so big and is so stinking adorable! And such a smartie too! Your car is beautiful and I so wish I had a bigger car. When #3 comes along we'll have no choice but to get a bigger car, so it won't be too terribly long(at least most 3 years).

  2. PS I meant 'at most,' not at least most. :)


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