Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cheetos, sidewalk chalk, bubbles and fingerpaining!!

We have been having so much fun at the Little Loomis family home! One night we forgot the Cheetos on the couch. And Savana found them first thing in the morning. She loved it!

Yummy, Cheetos for breakfast! Hope she enjoyed it cuz its probably the only morning her whole life I'll allow her to eat them for breakfast...
We had sooooo much fun with sidewalk chalk!
Savana never liked binkies but this Broncos one she loooves~!
SO cool in mama's new sunglasses. Savana really loves accessories, and anything girlie!
Her "Song Baby." It was mine when I was little and I named it Song Baby- because well, it sings.
Savana's cousins came and stayed a night with us! This is little Tessa. Gosh I love these girls!
Havin breakfast with daddy on the couch!
Yummy yummy baked bbq chili! SO good!
Pretty tulips I bought for myselt as  a rewared for going an entire week without a single dirty dish in my sink! Not for even one mintute! Still no dishes. I rock! Sometimes its hard to keep up but going on 2 weeks now!

Savana loves drinking out of things! Especially big bottles.
She also likes to put caps back on. She is getting really good at it!
She loves playing in this basket.
FINGERPAINTING! With chocolate pudding! Really nothing is more fun than fingerpaining with chocolate!
Her little snow suit. Its been cold this week :(
The basket!

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