Monday, May 3, 2010

Me n my wonderful husband, 3 years!!!

Three years ago today Geoff and I were married at 1:00pm in the Salt Lake City temple. I can't help but think of all the blessings I have gained from that wonderful rainy day!
One, my very best friend that I love with all my heart! He is an amazing husband. And I love every second we have together. He always makes me smile and I'm so proud of him for all the wonderful things he does each day.

Two, we have a beautiful little family now with the addition of our little sweetheart Savana. Geoff is such a good daddy! Being a wife and mom is the best thing in the world and I really could not be one smidgen bit happier! I love our life, every minute and each day it only gets better and better.

And three, I gained the best in laws ever! "In laws" sounds a little distant, its more like a gained a really great loving family. We get together each Sunday for dinner and play games and chit chat and have fun. They took me in and made me feel so welcome from the first day we met. I love that we live close enough to get together so often. They love Savana and play and snuggle with her and it is so cute. I'm glad my little girl gets to see her grandma and grandpa, and aunts uncles, and cousins. Our big Loomis family is great! 

There are so many blessings in my life. These are just a few I have been thinking about today as we celebrate our amazing 3 years!


  1. Happy Anniversary Holly! I'm so glad you are happy and your little family is so adorable. I hope you have a great anniversary and do something really fun!

  2. I remember that! congrats.

  3. happy anniversary Holly! :)


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