Friday, September 17, 2010

Moments to remember

Life has been such an adventure the last few years. I have had so many joyful moments that I am so grateful for. Savana is 18 months!!!!!! Where did time go?????? Seems like I was just preggo with her.

I loved being pregnant. Feeling Savana wiggle and kick was so much fun! Most people really don't like pregnancy, feeling so cruddy so much, but I was constantly amazing by how happy I was, even feeling so fat n all :)
Meeting Savana was priceless, even after such a long hard day. I day dreamed about that moment so many times when I was pregnant.
Nothing melts my heart like Geoff being such a great dad.  We were so tired those first few months but on such a "new baby high" we somehow made it through...Funny thing is I thought I would hate waking up at night so much but I was again surprised by how excited I was that she was awake because even in my sleep I missed her and could not wait to see her!!! I treasure those quiet nights up snuggling and feeding my sweet baby.
This is a fun memory, haha! Welcome to earth baby! We gotta check you out! This picture was not planned or posed, we literally were all amazed and entertained by meeting and getting to know her!
I have always loved to watch Savana sleep, one of my very favorite things.
My nephew Riker came to Provo to go into the MTC just a few weeks after Savana was born. I really love my nephew and nieces on my couch and in my house with my baby. Precious moment!
My mom made these cute pjs, with hand cuffs and all! I was so excited to put them on her!!! Getting that package in the mail made my day!
Savana's blessing! I loved having both our families at church with us. Such a sweet day.
Baby noise! I can almost hear Savana's coos in this picture!
I love making my bed with Savana, she loves and by loves I mean is obsessed with pillows!
The morning Savana found the Cheetos on the couch, I still laugh about it every time I see a Cheeto! She was laughing a full blown belly laugh running around with them. Such a silly happy girl.
The mess from finger painting with pudding! Savana's 2 favorite things; eating and making  mess! She was sooooooooo excited! I love doing fun random things with her, she gets so excited over the little things and it makes me appreciate them.
My sleeping angel. I could watch her sleep her entire nap and love each minute! So heavenly!
Piggie tails! And walks! I love to teach her where the sky is, what color the sky is! She knows it! She says Blue!!!! Along with what color is our car! And she knows where the mountains, sidewalk, trees and grass are!
I can not believe that my BABY is already 18 months old! She has started nursery and I'll be honest, it was hard on me, I cried. No one ever warned me how fast babies grow!!! I guess I just assumed that since I had a baby she would always be one. She is such a great little girl now...

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  1. It gets a bit easier with the second, but then again I never had a hard time with sending them to nursery. Jeff has always been in charge of our babies at church unless I was nursing, just because I've always been in either nursery or Primary. Such a wonderful man :) Happy half Birthday Savana!!


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