Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weddings, football, hikes, waterfalls and tomatoes!

We had such a fun weekend! We got to go to the SLC temple for Todd and Allison's wedding! It was so nice, we love them. We then watched all the first college football games! Yay, the cougars won! Too bad Utah did too. Oh well..
On Monday we went on a little hike with the Loomis family.
Savana loves her Papa (grandpa).
The tiny little dot in this pic is Geoff way on top of the waterfall. When we got back from the hike we had a BBQ and made homemade root beer! YUMMMMMY!!
And nothing tastes more like summer than fresh tomatoes from the garden. Props to my in-laws who grow such yummy tomatoes! Growing up my family always had a big/gigantic garden and my dad and grandpa grew the best tomatoes and cucumbers ever. I love going out to a garden and picking fresh stuff. Makes me feel like a kid again :)

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