Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Currently in the Loomis house...

I have had enough requests to get back to blogging. I finally gave in :)

We have been in the same place the last 4 years. We love our little home here in Provo. It has been perfect for us. Fun neighbors and a great ward. But we are anxiously waiting for the next phase of life. Ya know... the one after student life.  A real job and a final home :)

Geoff: Just needs to defend his thesis and he is done with his maters degree in Exercise Physiology at BYU. Currently filling out job applications. As of this minute we have no applications in UT, so unless something comes up here we will be moving as soon as we get a job :) He is still working at the Drs office as an exercise physiologist until we get our "upgrade" as I like to call it. I love UT and hope to stay but we will go where ever we need to. The waiting game is KILLER but we have faith in the Lord's plan for our family.
Holly: Loving every minute with my girls! Being a wife and mommy is wonderful. Between snuggling at night because of bad dreams and naps and baths, snacks, trips to the park, playing princess, reading stories and all the other amazing & fun mommy stuff, my life is perfect!
Savana: 4 and a half! The most adorable preschooler ever! She loves to do crafts and work on her letters and #s. Dress up, dolls, Biggest princess fan! Loves all things princessy and pink....Full of energy and and fun and giggles! I can't leave out that she says the sweetest most sincere prayers I have ever heard and her little spirit is such a blessing in our home. She is a great helper and big sister!
Annie: Almost 2 :) Beautiful. Just kicked that binkie for good! YAHOO! And the next step is potty training and then the big move to a big girl bed (as soon as we buy one). She keeps me on my toes! Always climbing and getting into things she knows are off limits! She is very determined and gives amazing cuddles! The Drs have been concerned because she is so small her growth chart flattened out but I'm not worried. She woke up several nights this week with sore legs... Growing pains?? :) I love her energy and sweet curly hair! She also has learned to "sing" lately. It sounds kind of like princess Ariel's Ah ahhhh ahh. She sings it when she puts on a princess outfit or sings a primary song.... and ever time we drive by the Provo City Center Temple being build because she thinks we need to sing I Love to see the Temple. It kills me and has to be my current favorite sound. Maybe my favorite sound ever.

So here is a little summary on us lately. I will try to post more. Just know if I don't I'm too busy wearing princess stickers in my hair having tea parties...Or too exhausted from cooking, cleaning, playing, bathing and the usual daily grind to get on the computer. I would rather snuggle up on the couch with Geoff, some ice cream and a good episode of The Office :)

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