Thursday, October 10, 2013

The sight of the night

Probably my least favorite wake up call:
1:30am "MMMMOOOOOMMMM!!!!! I'm barfing!"
I'm a little bit frustrated that my kids ONLY throw up at night... never to they get sick during the day. It's ALWAYS a middle of the night alarm. Not fair. 
I'm a really light sleeper. I always hear my kids. Always. Its programmed in like a baby monitor in my brain. I know which kid it is and exactly the sound they are making every second of the night. Cough, sneeze, light snore, leg hitting the wall while rolling over. I hear it all. And Geoff is totally oblivious deep in sleep.
Last night rolls were switched. The middle of the night siren "MMMMOOOOOMMMM!!!!! I'm barfing!" I completely slept through. And didn't wake up until my amazing husband was stumbling around the house turning on the lights. I never wake up to that. I was shocked and confused that I slept through the barf alarm. I never have before.
I got up to help with the clean up and check on my sweet Savana bear. And Geoff was so sweetly holding her hair back as my little princess, in the princess nightgown, threw up. It was the sweetest thing ever.
And the "alarm" continued almost every half hour of the night. I got up a few times and my husband willingly and without any complaint took his turn. He comforted my little barf machine and cleaned up after her. At one point around 5am I found him scrubbing the tub out, tub cleaner and all. (I am pretty OCD and can't stand leaving messes but when it comes to cleaning in the middle of the night, I do what needs to be done and save the deep cleaning when my brain actually functions) but there was my husband scrubbing the tub in the middle of the night.
As I wake up a little bit more, still quite in zombie mode, I'm a little disappointed in my inability to wake up and so thankful my husband is so amazing. No complaining and chipper and nice this morning before he left for work. (He is so much better than me its not funny).
Today is officially declared a pj day watching princess movies. Tired, but life is perfect. If I have to clean up throw up I'd rather do it for my sweet little kiddos than anyone else. And if I can't wake up I can't think of anyone else I would want picking up my lazy slack than my husband. And did I mention he never complained?... yeah. He is the BEST! I'm so lucky.
Maybe Heavenly Father just made me extra tired last night just so I could witness the kindness and awesomeness of my husband. He melts my heart. And today I'm even more grateful that our family is eternal!

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