Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fun in MT

Giving Huckleberry bear kisses.
She had so much fun playing with this little chair.
We went to the Farmer's Market and Savana got to ride on a pony!!!
The guy was so nice he gave us an extra ride for free!
We also went to visit Savana's great great grandma, Grandma Winnie, she is 103 years old. She gets all dressed up every day and wears all sorts of pretty tiaras and her dancing shoes, yep high heels every day! She is doing great and was so excited to see Savana.  
Savana was sharing her animal crackers with her. It was so cute and Grandma Winnie loved it! mmmmm animal crackers!!


  1. I have that same exact shirt! You gals are adorable :)

  2. how fun! How wonderful that you got to go home to visit!


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