Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our trip to the zoo!

Savana went to the zoo for the first time on Memorial Day and she LOVED it! She is really into animals. She of course makes animal noises and gets so amazed just watching them. She was really good the entire day and was so entertained! We had so much fun and I'm so glad we took her.

GO cougars!

Baby Zuri, the baby elephant, was so cute. Geoff and I went to the zoo when the mama elephant just got pregnant with her about 2 years ago. I can not believe elephants are pregnant for 21 months. Wow.
Mesmerized by Zuri!
Her favorite were the rhinos, yep the big strange gray things. I thought it was funny. Every time we went to walk away she would cry. So we looked at them for quite a while and each time we walked by she insisted on watching them more. We let her get her fill, it was cute that she was so excited. It was also on our zoo trip
that she learned to hiss like a snake.
Our favorite part was when she was roaring at the tigers. Really loud! And every one was wanting to see the kid roaring at them, they thought it was so cute and so did we :)
She always sleeps with her arms up like this. I love it. In her ultrasound she was like that too. So sweet! I love my girl.
And oh the remote.... She loves to steal the remote and point it the TV and press buttons. And still loves to do it even though its a big no no! Little stinker- gosh I love her!

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  1. Cute cute cute! You guys are such a cute little family! :)


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