Friday, June 11, 2010

Savana right now

I can not believe how fast my little baby girl has grown into such a darling little girl. She is always doing something new and exciting that makes me so proud. I normally get a "How is Savana, what does she like to do?" when I talk to people so I decided to make a quick little list.

Here are a few of her favorite things to do:
  • Blow bubbles
  • Go on walks and push her own stroller. She is getting very independent now.
  • Climb on or up onto anything, sturdy or not. She is pretty good in that she has not had very many tumbles. I stay right with her. But gees she is a mountain climber!
  • Drink from a cup on her own, we both normally end up with soaked shirts but sometimes she does really great. It is one of my favorite things because she gets so excited to drink like a big girl from a cup. She grins and kicks her legs and giggles. I love it!
  • Reading books! I read to her a lot! She also loves to pretend to read on her own
  • Cartoons, we love our morning snuggles on the couch watching cartoons. She does a full blown belly laugh when she sees cartoons on tv
  • Making animal noises. She can growl like a tiger/bear, hiss like a snake, make monkey and elephant noises. Most animals to her make monkey noises.
  • She says little things like doggie, hi and anything that has to do with dad, hi dad, bye dad, dadddddyyy and mama of course. She also says "abba-dabba-dabba" all the time...mmmm yaba-dabba-doo? abra-cadabra? I don't know what it means yet but it is definitely in her vocab.
  • She runs. Everywhere all the time. She loves getting open space at a park or in a yard where she can just run. Geoff works in the MTC gym and she looooves running there, where she falls every time because she is not used to the slippery floors and we have a few minutes of drama and gets back up and runs some more. But seriously 2 weeks in a row she slipped right on her face and bit her lip and it bled. I was a wreck, and almost took her to the ER, I'm a pretty antsy mom and hate seeing her cry. It is the only time she has ever bled. And the thought breaks my heart all over again.
  • Purses. Any purse she finds she is determined to go through and examine each item. I have to keep mine hidden because she now knows how to open it. This is an early apology if she finds, runs off with and goes through your purse :) Take it as a compliment that she thinks your purse is pretty...
  • Snuggles, she is the best snuggle bear in the world. She used to pinch as a sign of affection and it hurt so bad, she has now stopped that and just pats your back instead, so cute!
  • Washing her hands. If water is running her hands must be washed, dirty or not :)
  • Brushing her teeth! Oh it is her favorite time of day, she giggles hysterically and loooooves having her teeth brushed. Multiple times a day. 
  • Anything that opens she is amazed with and will sit forever opening and closing it. 
  • Blowing kisses. If you have ever sat behind us in church I'm sure you have had quite a few kisses blown to you.
  • She knows most animals and will point to them in a picture if you ask her to. 
  • She knows all her body parts: hair, ears, toes, legs, arms, eyes, nose, chin, mouth and of course her belly button/tickle button that she is pretty obsessed with and I mean this literally. She is constantly playing with her tickle button. Sometimes she plays with it so much it gets all red and I feel bad and try to hide it under a onzie. I'm sure its just a phase. At least its not her nose right?? :) haha!
  • Getting dressed, she loves her clothes and always has. She will go to her drawers and take something out and run around with it in her hand and play with it and snuggle it.
  • PILLOWS. She knows her head belongs on a pillow. If you are laying on one and she decides she wants it, she will get it. With all her itty bitty might she will pull until she gets it free and will run off and lay down on it. I laugh every time. She will drag pillows all around the house. When I make my bed in the morning she always helps me put the pillows on, its her favorite part. She loves to plop down on my mountain of pillows and do it over and over again. Its so funny. Sometimes she is laughing so hard she can't get up to plop again.
  • Dancing. She likes to spin like "Ring Around The Rosie" and dance in a circle.
  • Pedicures, she loves it when I paint her toes. She will sit and point at her toes and talk to me like "LOOK MOM!! My toes are pink! Cool! I love it!"
  • Doing chores. I'm really trying to teach her to love chores and so far its working. She helps me mop, seriously she takes the wet mom and rubs it on the floor, I hand her little items from the washer and she puts them in the dryer, anything she can find she will put in the dishwasher as I'm loading the dishes, and she no longer has emotional breakdowns every time I turn on the vacuum cleaner- this is a major accomplishment in our home. She also tries to scrub the toilet with the toilet brush because she sees me doing it so much I always take it from her and say no no right now but give it a few years and she can scrub the toilet all she wants!
  • Looking outside. We have our couch right in front of the window and she sits on the back and looks out and points to things she sees, birds, toys and the mountains and sky.
  • Cooking, I give her some sort of utensil and let her help me "cook," mainly its just stirring :) but she loves to watch what I'm doing. 
  • Opening the fridge. She is amazed by all the things that open in our fridge and every time I open it she tries to take something out to play with.
  • Grocery shopping! Oh boy. She has to investigate each item I put in the cart. She also loves to push the shopping cart! And she loves getting the Smarties from the guy in the produce section of Macey's and the balloon they give her when we check out. Grocery shopping to her means candy and balloons- We love Macey's! It is so fun to watch her look around at things and people in stores. 
  • Smelling flowers, she loves to smell flowers. Thank you to all my neighbors that let us stop and smell your flowers (only the ones right on the sidewalk of course) on our walks.
  • Scripture reading. After her bath she RUNS over the drawer we keep the scriptures in and gets them out so excited for family scripture time. 
It is so fun being this little girls mom. I get so much joy every day from her sweet little personality. I love her all to pieces. She is such a good, obedient, full-of-laughes-and-smiles little girl.  She is perfect.


  1. For me, this is when being a mom became really FUN. It was always great and rewarding, but at this point Noah became my little friend. PS, we need PICTURES to go with a post like this.

  2. What a smart little girl! Isn't it amazing how fast they grow and develop? You sound like such a great mom and I'm so glad you guys are doing so good. You are awesome. Love you and miss your face!


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