Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cable at last

We just moved and the people before us did not have cable set up. UGH! So in the last 3 weeks I have gotten so tired of watching Hoda and Cathy Lee drink their cocktails on the Today show and have heard too may people fight over money on Judge Judy and I now know the names of most of the actors on soaps...
Thank heavens for cable! I'm back to learning how to cook, fix houses and I get all the good celebrity gossip again!
OH and TORI AND DEAN! My fav show ever! The 2nd season just started the day we moved and I have missed it so much! Unfortunately it will not be on until Tuesday night but I at least have the chance to get caught up on a marathon! I love marathons on TV! My Boys, House, The Hills! They are great!


  1. yay! your blog is so cute! I love that we can KIT this way! and despite my not really loving choc. cookies - those cookies sound scrumptious! I LOVE the pic of your li'l sweetheart smiling! sooooo very adorable! I can't wait to play with her lots in MT and hang out lots! love you tons!!!

  2. Soon you will have kid shows on hehe! Love the blog and I'm glad you started one so we know what's going on with the three of you. Make sure you stop by ours. A lot of exciting things are happening with us. Can't wait to blog about them. KIT Holly!


  3. Ah, the life of being a mommy. Wait until Savana is old enough to steal the remote and change the channel to the El Mundo station like Sam!


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