Friday, June 12, 2009


So we finally have a blog!! Yahoo! Now you can stay updated! Geoff and I are pretty boring, but we now have a little girl you may be interested in looking at and watching her grow! She is pretty darn cute!
It is so crazy how small she was! She has grown so much! She smiles and makes talking noises and well....besides eating and sleeping thats pretty much it. But she is so much fun! I love being her mommy!
I could not have gotten any luckier because Geoff is such a great dad! He stays home with her in the morning while I work, so they get some pretty great daddy daughter time! The last few weeks she has been his little study buddy while he gets ready for a big test he has to take tomorrow morning! I know he will do great, he is SO smart!!


  1. Love her, you, and that hoody!
    Welcome to the blogging world.


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