Friday, June 12, 2009

"Day before Savana was born cookies"

So a few days before Savana was born I was on the phone with my sister and she was making some cookies and they sounded divine! Chocolate cookies with a Rollo in the middle! Delish right? And super easy! So as a preggo lady I could not get the thought of the cookies off my mind and I got all the stuff at the store! I decided that I needed to do something really fun to keep me occupied on my due date (March 19th) so I did not just sit at home and stare at my belly and tell may baby to pop out! -So I made them with a friend! I told everyone at work that I was making these great cookies and they all got so excited. Well the next morning (March 20th) we went to the hospital and the cookies never made it to my coworkers! Every now and then I got the reminder "Hey Holly remember when you said you were going to bring us some delish cookies and you decided to have a baby and take 3 weeks off instead...." haha! They are great!
So after having a baby- I did not feel like spending any extra time in the kitchen. Then we went on a little vacation and moved and it has taken me 3 weeks to finally get all situated in our new place! So last night I finally had a few minutes to make some "night before Savana was born cookies!"
My coworkers are very happy that they got cookies this morning!

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