Saturday, June 20, 2009

Super Dads

With Father's Day tomorrow I have been thinking a lot about the "Dads" in my life.
First off my husband. WOW! What a great dad! He is so patient and loves every second with our little girl. It melts my heart to see them play or her sleep in his arms. He never gets frustrated and he is just so full of love! I am so lucky to have him be the father of my little girl. We talk about going to Savana's games and supporting her in what activities she wants to do. Geoff says basketball I say cheerleading, like her mommy! She would be the best cheerleader! She stays so tight when she stands up-great form for stunting! And she can yell quite loud and she is oober doober cute! But we will see. He used to talk to my stomach before Savana was born and tell her to come out and play with him! It was so cute! He would try to tickle her- which basically just tickeled me. He would try to wake her up to feel her kick and he was just ecstatic when it worked. Now she is here and he just can't get enough "Savana Loves." He has such a built in daddy gift! He is such a wonderful husband and now... father!
Another great dad in my life is my Father-in-law. He gives our little family all the support and help when we need it. Geoff really looks up to and admires his dad, kind of like a little boy with superman. He is always there to listen and his medical advise is great to have -especially with a little baby! We have called him at all hours of the night aking questions. He adores his little grandkids! He gives Savana her "lessons" each time he sees her. In these "lessons" he sings her the alphabet and counts. She just stares up at him and smiles. I can see her little mind growning and loving it so much. He is such a great grandpa!
And dad, My dad. Wow, words can not say how much love my dad has. He would give anything to see his kids happy. He always told me if he won the lottery he would buy me a Porche first thing-before getting anything for himself. We have so many fun memories. My parents are divorced and I am the youngest child so I had a lot of one on one time with each of my parents. My favorite thing when I was little was a daddy daugher date to Wendy's to get chicken nuggets and to ride in his blue Pontiac convertible. I would go to church really early on Sunday mornings with him and wait for him while he had meetings. During the summer we would get Hot Fudge Boston Sundaes at the "Freeze" in Fort Benton. My dad and I would travel all over for his work. I was his little "navigator" and would make sure we did not get lost. I learned to drive in his big Dodge truck. Breakfast at my dad's house was always the best- french toast and hashbrowns and eggs! Yummy! My dad's kids are the lights of his life- along with his 13 (almost 14) grandkids! My dad could play with his little grand children everyday all day long his whole life and still want more. My dad has always been such a big support to me. He was at all my soccer, basketball, and volleyball games and cheerleading competitions. Yelling for me so loud, I could always hear him over everyone else. It is such a comfort to know that even though Im "all grown up" my dad will always be there.
I feel so blessed to have such "Super Dads" in my life. Happy Father's Day!

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