Monday, October 18, 2010

I refuse!

 I'm a summertime girl. I always have been. I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer yet. I savor the green trees still left. I long to wear flipflopps and shorts still. I want to go play in the pool with Savana more and lay out during her naps. Most people really love fall, like Geoff (mainly for football haha) but I kind of refuse to like it. I am trying hard to hang onto summertime. I saw these flowers and HAD to buy them! They are so spring and summery! I of course had to have a reason to purchase them...other than to boycott Halloween and fall... :) so I decided to make them my motivation to keep my house clean. For some reason when ever I have something pretty in my house I like it all to be clean so it is all pretty. Dirty dishes and pretty flowers don't look very good together. So far it is working. My house is currently spotless and has been since I bought them.

 Summer kitchen towels :) I use them year round! They make me think of summertime and warmth and sunshine...and watermelon! My mom got them for me, what a great mom!
 I guess the pretty fall sky is my favorite. Bright blue. This is the view on our front porch. The mountains are a little pretty all orange. I still prefer them to be green.
I caved and bought a pumpkin. Just for Savana to carve :) I will dress her up and take her trick or treating. I'm not a big Halloween fan. Black and orange are not my colors and scary stuff gets to me. I know it is some peoples favorite holiday and that's great I mean no offense its just not for me. Halloween days have always been bad days for some reason, maybe they will be better being a mom, getting all my kids' candy :) Hopefully we get good stuff! Like the good candy bars, not the gross taffy in orange wrappers eew. Savana will be cute all dressed up. I am definitely looking forward to that.


  1. I would have to say I'm a fan of Spring, Summer, and Fall. Winter is okay for about a week... then it's time to go! :) The flowers are super cute Holly! :)

  2. i soooo love it!!! what is your little cutie going to be for Halloween?


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