Thursday, October 14, 2010

My temples

When we traveled growing up I always wanted to know if there was a temple in the town we were visiting. That way I could watch for it and hopefully be the first to spot it! One of my favorite memories was traveling to the Cardston Alberta temple, we got there and it was dark and I still remember the amazing feeling as I saw the temple all lit up at night. We were on a family trip and got there late and my parents went to a session first thing in the morning and my brothers and sisters and I ate little boxes of cereal in the hotel while we waited for them.
Here are a few pictures of the temples I have been to or been in.

Cardston was my temple growing up.

Ogden Utah Mormon Temple

Vernal Utah Mormon Temple

The Provo temple is my temple now!
San Diego California Mormon Temple

Washington D.C. Mormon Temple

St. George Utah Mormon Temple

Rexburg Idaho Mormon Temple

Oquirrh Mountain Utah Mormon Temple

Los Angeles California Mormon Temple

Newport Beach California Mormon Temple

Salt Lake is where we were married.


  1. Love all the pics. Cardston will always be my temple. My ancestors built it and my great-grandma, grandma, mother, and I were all married there. I totally used your picture for wallpaper! Thanks!!!


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