Thursday, October 7, 2010

Teaching honesty

For those of you who don't know I work for the most amazing company in the world. Epic Dental truly rocks. We sell dental products and we are a pretty small company, but my coworkers and boss are all going straight to heaven for their awesomeness!
Anyway, I talk to doctors and dentists a lot and I got an uplifting call today from a man in Idaho. It went like this:
Man: I would like to buy some gum for my dentist.
Holly: Ok, have you ordered with us before?
Man: No, my dentist buys this gum and I need to buy some for him it is a 1000 piece bag I think....
Holly: (You are seriously buying $70 worth of gum for your dentist....ok crazy!???) K, lets get an account set up for ya...
Man: This may seem like a strange situation to you. But I was at the dentist today and my 9 year old son was waiting for me in the waiting room while I had some work done. On the way out I noticed all of his pockets were full of gum! He emptied their gum machine into his pockets. His mom and I discussed and decided that he needed to buy a bag and take it in to the dentist and say he is sorry. I asked the lady in the office where they get their gum and they said from you. So I need it shipped to me so we can take it to them personally.
Holly: (HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA, I'm gunna die, that's great!!!!) Well, I'll do the order on their account so you can have their price but send it to your house.
I gave him a pretty good discount so the kid might have it paid off before he goes to college :) My heart wanted to send it for free for him being such an awesome parent.

I really wanted to ask if he was LDS, I kind of assume so since he is from Idaho, working in Utah and making his kid be honest like that. It reminds me of the little lessons that I teach my primary kids at church. I love to see parents teaching their kids little life lessons, its so uplifting and made my day!
Props to all the good parents who teach their kids so well.

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