Saturday, October 16, 2010

Locked in....or locked out?

Today Savana was helping me do laundry and the bathroom is just across the hall from the washer. She decided to go in the bathroom and shut herself in. She likes to open and close doors so this was nothing new. She also likes to open and close drawers. Well when she opened the drawer right by the door it jammed the door shut so I could not open it besides a tiny crack. She would not close the drawer so I could get in. It took Geoff about 10 minutes and  about 3 different utensils...a kitchen knife finally worked to poke the side of the drawer to gently slide it a smidgen bit at a time so the door would open. And she was rescued and I was relieved.


  1. That is one of the reasons our bathroom door stayed closed all the time and the boys know it's not a place to play. That and our bathroom is so small and cluttered that there is way too much to play with. Just ask Jackson. He finds pleanty to do in there while I think he's going potty and am otherwise occupied. Darn kid.

  2. Oh my goodness--Ezra did the EXACT same thing when we were still living in those duplexes! Unfortunately, Terrance wasn't home so I just continued to freak out until Ezra got smart enough to shut the drawer so I could get in there to him. Silly little kids. I was having a total cow because I had left the bath water running and went to get him a towel when he ran in there and shut the door and opened the drawer--I was so afraid he would somehow climb in the tub and drown! Sheer panic!

  3. This is so funny to read but i would have started to freak out too. I am so glad for the boys in our lives helping us out. Hooray Geoff for freeing Savanah from the bathroom!


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